A Step-by-Step Guide to Propagating Jade Plants

May 25, 2023 Tutorial Pepup Team


Popular succulents called jade plants (Crassula ovata) are renowned for their large, fleshy leaves and low maintenance requirements. Expanding your collection or sharing jade plants with friends can be gratifying when you propagate them. We will lead you through the process of growing jade plants from leaf and stem cuttings in this guide.

Propagating Jade Plants

Gather Materials :

Gather Materials

Get the required materials together before you start the propagation procedure. A healthy jade plant, clean, sharp pruning scissors or a knife, succulent mix or well-draining potting soil, small pots or containers, and a spray bottle with water are all necessary.

Leaf Cutting Propagation :

A healthy leaf should be chosen from a mature jade plant that is free of injury or disease. Make sure it appears healthy and full.

Prepare the Leaf-Cutting:

Prepare the leaf-cutting

Make a clean cut on the leaf with a knife or pruning shears to remove it from the plant. Allow the wound to heal and callus over by letting it sit for a few days.

 Potting the Leaf-Cutting:

Add well-draining potting soil or succulent mix to a small pot or container. Using your finger or a pencil, make a little hole in the ground, and then carefully place the leaf’s cut end inside. Place the pot in a warm, sunny area, but stay away from direct sunlight.

 Add Moisture:

Use a spray bottle to lightly mist water on the soil anytime it appears dry. Avoid overwatering as too much moisture might cause decay. A new plantlet should start to sprout from the base of the leaf after a few weeks, along with a few tiny roots.



Carefully move the young plant into a larger pot or container with well-draining soil when it has grown roots and a few leaves. Give it the right amount of sunlight, water, and attention to treat it like an established jade plant.

Stem Cutting Propagation :

Choosing a Healthy Stem for Stem Cutting Propagation:

Choosing a Healthy Stem for Stem Cutting Propagation

Choose a long, healthy stem from the jade plant that shows no evidence of disease or injury. Look for a stem with numerous leaf pairs on it.

Set Up the Stem Cutting:

Just below the leaf node, or the place where a leaf is linked to the stem, make a clean cut with a knife or pair of pruning shears. Leave a few leaves at the top and remove the lower leaves. Callusing the stem cutting involves leaving it in a dry area out of direct sunlight for a few days so that the cut end can callus over and dry off. This action helps stop decaying.

Potting the Stem Cutting:

Potting the stem cutting

Add well-draining potting soil or succulent mix to a small pot or container. The cut end of the stem should be inserted into the hole you just made in the dirt, buried approximately one inch deep. You can use your finger or a pencil to make the hole. To secure the cutting, gently push the dirt around it.

 Add Moisture:

Using a spray bottle, lightly mist the soil with water to keep it damp but not drenched. Place the pot in a warm, sunny area, but stay away from direct sunlight. Water sparingly to avoid overwatering.

Root Growth:

Root growth

The stem cutting will eventually sprout new roots and growth. You can transfer the cutting into a larger pot with well-draining soil once the roots have taken hold.


Jade plant propagation through leaf and stem cuttings is a fun and easy technique. You can effectively increase your collection of these lovely succulents or give them to other plant lovers according to these detailed procedures. Growing new jade plants and seeing them flourish is a pleasant experience.