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October 30, 2020 Pepup Team

When it comes to the renovation of bathrooms, the choice of tiles may be rushed or, in the worst case, insignificant in retrospect. But before you decide on undeniably white subways, remember that your tile choice could affect or ruin your bathroom renovation. (more…)

October 5, 2020 Pepup Team

Creating an inspiring interior layout that has a great first impact on visitors is something that every real estate owner needs because it is a pleasant feeling to listen to your visitors’ oohs and aahs when they recognize the great interior layout of your own home. (more…)

October 1, 2020 Pepup Team

Our small kitchen design ideas are best suited for people who are not blessed with a massive and convivial living room kitchen. Surely you can’t have room now for a kitchen island, stove and dining table to show visitors around. But Diminutive should not mean monotonous. There are many smart…

September 24, 2020 Pepup Team

Whether it is a modern apartment in a skyscraper in a growing city or a picturesque house in a small town, Indian houses radiate vitality and elegance. The equipment of Indian houses is often inspired by our rich heritage. We Indians also encourage the love of colour. (more…)

September 14, 2020 Pepup Team

Moving houses has become quite popular these days. Whether it is because of a promotion at your job or a better location, getting a new place will always be pretty much very exciting. Before you do it, make sure that you fully understand the purpose of moving locations. It is…