Simple Alterations To Make Your Home Withstand Season Changes

November 14, 2019 Home Technology priyanka Shah

Seasons change – spring transforms into summer, summer transforms into autumn, and autumn transforms into winter. And before you know, it is time for spring again. If you notice, we take a lot of precautions – be it in what we eat or what we wear – to combat this constant shift in season. But, what about your house? Is your abode of happiness strong enough to shield and protect you against all the seasonal adversities? Don’t worry, we are not asking you to change your furnishing or re-do your entire house altogether. We are just asking you to make some tiny amendments that would simply go on to make your home withstand season changes.

Since the winter is approaching fast, we thought it would be great to present this article with alterations that can help you tackle this season make your home withstand season smartly and efficiently. Take a look at the amendments we are asking you to make now –

Time to redo the curtains

In this cold season, your indoors should not stay deprived of sunlight. Sunlight is a great source of Vitamin D along with the natural warmth, so you should keep the curtains light enough to keep curtains that help penetrate the sunlight in. A great way to accommodate the change is by keeping two curtains instead of one or by using insulated thermal semi-sheer curtains.

Redo the curtains

Get a natural gas furnace

If you live in extremely cold areas and have an age-old furnace, it would be worthwhile to change the same with a new and more efficient one. A natural gas furnace will not only keep the entire house warm but also provide you with higher efficiency as it burns less gas. Besides, the fact that it is a more sustainable and eco-friendlier version makes the natural furnace hearths so much better.

Natural gas furnace

Check the heating system

Before the bitter winters seep in, perform a routine checkup of your heating systems. After all, you don’t want a flawed system right when you need more warmth than a furnace could handle. If your heating system is old, you might also want to replace it with a newer and more efficient version.

Heating system

Cover the floor with rugs and carpets

This should especially be done if you have pets and kids at home. Covering the floor with rugs and carpets will ensure that your angels stay germ-free and warm even while playing around carelessly. Faux fur carpets are a great option in this category as they feel extremely comfortable on the skin as well.

Cover the floor with rugs and carpets

Check on your insulation system

If you have recently shifted to a new home, you should make it a point to check yourself if the insulation is perfect. If your house does not have any insulation system, make sure your ceiling and walls are well-insulated to prevent any calamity resulting from wet winters.

Insulation system