Japanese Flowers

May 10, 2023 Outdoor Pepup Team

Japan is home to a wide variety of beautiful and culturally significant flowers, many of which are highly prized for their beauty and symbolism. Some of the most popular Japanese flowers include:

Sakura (Cherry Blossom) – This iconic flower blooms for only a short period in the spring and is celebrated throughout Japan as a symbol of beauty, renewal, and the fleeting nature of life.

Ume (Plum Blossom) – Blooming in late winter, the plum blossom represents endurance, hope, and perseverance


Kiku (Chrysanthemum) – Known as the “flower of the emperor,” the chrysanthemum is a symbol of longevity, happiness, and nobility.

Botan (Peony) – The peony is a traditional symbol of wealth, prosperity, and good fortune.

Tsubaki (Camellia) – This elegant flower is associated with purity, love, and admiration, and is often given as a gift to express romantic feelings.

Ayame (Iris) – The iris represents wisdom, courage, and strength, and is also associated with the goddess of the rainbow in Japanese mythology.

Ajisai (Hydrangea) – This popular flower is associated with gratitude, loyalty, and understanding, and is often used in Japanese flower arrangements and gardens.

Fujibakama (Wisteria) – The cascading blooms of the wisteria symbolize beauty, sensuality, and welcome, and are often seen in traditional Japanese gardens and landscapes.