Plumbing resolutions both residents and plumbers would like to make for the New Year

December 30, 2021 Bathroom Pepup Team

As per numerous studies conducted by different bodies and institutions across the world, 45 percent of people make New Year’s Resolutions and out of them, only 8 percent are able to achieve their goals successfully.

Such a number is quite low, but what does this have to do with plumbing? To be honest, residents often keep using their taps and water systems without keeping a regular check. Though there are some that are quite careful of how things are in their homes and about the plumbing systems too, it should be understood that plumbing systems can be needing repairs despite the best efforts.

New Year’s resolutions pertaining to plumbing systems

New Year’s Resolutions should not be taken for granted, and both residents & plumbers alike are now making them to make sure nothing goes wrong. Regardless of whether it’s about getting the shower diverter valve fixed, getting the bathtub replaced. Repairs in either the tub or the shower or any other work; New Year’s resolutions for plumbing systems are interesting.

Plumbing resolutions both residents and plumbers would like to make for the New Year

That’s right, often at times, people take numerous systems in their homes for granted. Whether it’s the lawn sprinklers, the basement plumbing works, or bathroom taps; they only get fixed when the time to fix them comes.

Residents should be nice towards their garbage disposal system

Well the garbage disposal system is indeed a helpful system and it has simplified the lives of numerous households, there are some that have not been able to fully grasp the real usage of a garbage disposal system.

A lot of people have often thrown eggshells, pasta, oil, grease, fats, potatoes, rice, pasta, bones, foods that are fibrous and string-like in nature, seeds, pits, and coffee grounds down the garbage disposal system.

This is not a good habit. Bones can break and their fragments can rebound, causing damage to both the system and injuries to people. Eggshells, oil, pasta, potatoes, fats, and grease can choke the garbage disposal system pipe and this can result in either a heavy repair or a full replacement of the system.

Hence, residents must make a conscious effort to be careful about what they are throwing down the garbage disposal system.

Giving the residential water heater a lot of love and care

It is true that the water heater always needs regular maintenance regardless of the season. Apart from keeping the manufacturer’s warranty active, any mineral buildup in the tank of the water heater should be removed as it improves its efficiency.

If there are any issues in the water heating system, they should be fixed immediately. Moreover, water should be used efficiently and sparingly to make sure the water bill is not expensive. Proper maintenance will help give the water heater the needed care to make sure it runs longer than ever.

Reducing wastage of water

A lot of people vow to reduce wastage of water, and a considerable number have somehow succeeded. Yet, plumbing faults and failures are always happening, and plumbing repairs are hence a part of life.

If water is leaking from somewhere or if the water pressure is low, then either or both should be quickly fixed. If residents are considering adding a new toilet in their home, they should consider installing low-flush toilets. This will help them save money and a considerable amount of water, and thus expenses on their next water bill.

Keeping the pipes warm

Winter temperatures can affect pipings in most homes. The water expands when the temperatures drop and pipes made of metal (iron, lead, copper) can surely burst. Hence, it is wise to insulate pipelines in homes if they are not made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
The pipes should be insulated especially if they are in the crawl space, attic, garage, or other areas where they do not receive any heating. If there are any air leaks near outdoor pipes, they should be sealed. If the leaks aren’t sealed correctly, then the cold winter breeze might freeze them.

The garden hose should be put away and the outdoor water supply diverter valve closed. In case residents are going out of station for some time, they should not set the thermostat below 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the end, residents must ensure that everyone in their household knows where the main shutoff valve is present. In case a pipe does burst, the first thing to do is to shut off the main water valve to prevent further damage.

Each home’s plumbing system should get inspected

No one should overlook any plumbing issue in their home, no matter how minor it is. Each resident should get their home’s plumbing system inspected to make sure there is no issue present. Everything should be in great working order as a small leak can turn into a big disaster.

Plumbing issues should be fixed soon instead of later

Residents should actively see and hear anything out of the ordinary, especially if there are any leaks, drips, running toilets, noisy water heaters, and the like. The sooner they are fixed, the better it is.


Often at times, New Year’s resolutions are taken for granted and not fulfilled properly. But this year, each resident and plumber must make sure to keep the above points of a New Year’s plumbing resolution in mind because not only should residents be vigilant about plumbing issues and repairs but also, plumbers should do their best to make sure residents are properly helped.