7 Ideas to protect your Home from Water Damage

Routine Plumbing Maintenance

Make sure that pipes throughout the home are properly insulated. Have a contractor replace old copper pipes with newer materials.

Landscaping around the Foundation

Not all water damage prevention is about making changes on the inside of the home. Planting shrubs and trees near the house can help soak up much of the groundwater as well.

Respond quickly to Problems

Avoiding all water damage may be impossible. However, the problem can get much worse if you ignore it or have a delayed response.

Update Roofing/Siding

Outdated or deteriorated siding/roofing can cause huge leaks or even collapses during a rainstorm or snow melt.

Clear Gutters

Gutters are a common cause of water leakage in the home, especially when they become clogged. Regularly cleaning out the gutters can prevent backups from happening, which often result in roof leaks.

Keep Drains Clean

Showers, sinks, toilets, water appliances, and other systems exist to remove the water that is used so that it does not collect inside the home.

Reseal Windows/Doors

This is an easy, inexpensive step that could prevent water leakage into your home. Even a little water could develop a mold problem that affects your air quality.

Make sure to contact an experienced plumber for proper fixes.

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