Bath and Body Works Halloween 2023 – Here’s the Collection

Vampire Blood

It is a gentle foaming hand soap with a scent that is a mix of fruity, floral, and ominous. Plus, its scent notes include red berries, night-blooming jasmine, and petrifying plum.

Candy Potion Body Cream

Just like any of your favorite body creams but with hyaluronic acid. So, it will leave your skin feeling soft, silky, and refreshed.

Nightlight Haunted Tree

Brings your preferred, permanent scent into any space while also bringing light to it.

Haunted House Luminary

It comes with your favorite 3-wick candle. Each side is different, so it appears scary from every angle. Hence, it will be your ultimate Halloween table centerpiece.

Ivy Hand Sleeve

It’s designed to hold your desired gentle foaming hand soap. It can make any space spooky wherever you place it.

Witch Cat Nightlight

Turns your desired always-on scent in any room. Meanwhile, it illuminates the given space at the same time. Plus, the cat figurine makes it quite spooky to look at.

Nightlight Neon Jack-o-Lantern

This Jack-o-Lantern nightlight is perfect to add Halloween flair to any area where you keep it. It looks quite eerie when illuminating. 

Enchanted Candy Potion 3-Wick Candle

Gives off a wonderful, room-filling smell. It is a Combination of natural essential oils and patented soy wax.

Gemstone Ghost

Great to keep your preferred hand sanitizer nearby. The most stunning Halloween costume item.