Best Bushes for the Front of the House


Hydrangeas are well known for their huge, beautiful blooms, which come in a variety of colors such as pink, blue  and white.


Rhododendrons are famous for their magnificent bunches of colorful flowers that bloom in a variety of colors, including pink, purple and white.

Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon is a flowering shrub that blooms in late summer and early autumn with huge, colorful, hibiscus-like flowers.


Bluebeard is a tiny shrub with aromatic foliage that blooms in late summer or autumn with clusters of blue or purple flowers. 

Japanese Pieris 

Japanese Pieris is an evergreen shrub with glossy leaves and drooping bunches of bell-shaped flowers that provides interest throughout the year.


Forsythia is a deciduous plant known for its early spring blossoms. Its bright yellow flowers develop before its greenery, making for an eye-catching display.

Dwarf Alberta Spruce 

Dwarf Alberta Spruce is a compact evergreen shrub with a conical shape that is ideal for framing your home’s entryway.


Spirea is a multipurpose shrub that blooms in spring and summer with plenty of beautiful flowers. Depending on the kind, these blossoms might be white, pink, or red.


Because of its adaptability and universal charm, boxwood is a popular choice for front yard landscaping.


Weigela is a deciduous shrub that blooms in late spring or early summer with trumpet-shaped flowers, available in a variety of colors, including pink, red and white.