Exploring the Enchanting Beauty of 10 Plants with Purple Leaves

Purple Heart

This plant gives an exciting burst of color to any indoor setting, whether hanging in a basket or flowing down a shelf.

Purple Fountain Grass

Purple Fountain Grass is a garden showpiece with its beautiful arching structure and plum-colored leaves.

Purple Basil

Purple basil is a herb with rich purple leaves that adds flavor and beauty to food items.

Purple Smoke Bush

The Purple Smoke Bush is a great showpiece in any setting, with velvety, deep purple leaves that form an amazing background.

Purple Beech

The beautiful purple beech tree has a dense canopy of deep purple leaves. This evergreen tree adds drama and elegance to any garden or park.

Purple Leaf Plum

The Purple Leaf Plum tree, known for its decorative value, has glossy, purple leaves that give refinement to the environment.

Persian Shield

The Persian Shield is a tropical wonder that commands attention with its beautiful metallic purple leaves.

Purple Majesty Millet

The Purple Majesty Millet is a tall and magnificent annual grass with deep purple leaves that provides height and drama to garden borders.

Japanese Maple

The Japanese maple tree is a loved addition to any garden, with its maroon or deep purple leaves. 

Red-leafed Heuchera

The red-leafed heuchera is a shade-loving plant with purple and maroon leaves. This yearly plant provides depth and texture to gardens and pairs well with other shade-loving plants.