How to Clean Kitchen Cabinet's Grease

Step : 1

Gather Supplies

Get all the tools and equipment collected before you start cleaning.

Step : 2

Remove Contents & Hardware

Remove everything from the cabinets, then set it all aside.

Step : 3


Clear the cabinet surfaces of any loose dirt, dust, or crumbs with a dry microfiber cloth or soft sponge.

Step : 4

Grease-Cutting Solution

By mixing warm water, dish soap, and a grease-cutting cleaner in a bucket or sink, you can make a solution that cuts grease

Step : 5

Scrubbing the Surfaces

Squeeze out any extra liquid after dipping a soft sponge or microfiber cloth into the grease-cutting mixture.

Step : 6

Tackling Stubborn Grease

To remove extremely difficult grease stains, mix a paste with some baking soda and water.

Step : 7

Rinse and Dry

After cleaning, completely wash the cabinet surfaces to remove any extra dust or cleaning chemicals.

Step : 8

Clean Cabinet Hardware

Utilize this time to clean all of the cabinet hardware while the cabinets are drying.

Step : 9

Reassemble & Organize

Reassemble the cabinets and hardware once they are completely dry, then organize things inside them.


With these steps, you can effectively remove grease buildup and restore the shine to your kitchen cabinets. Remember to regularly clean and maintain your cabinets to prevent excessive grease accumulation. A clean and well-organized kitchen will not only look better but also provide a healthier cooking environment.