Stylishly Artful ways to make aesthetic wallpaper a part of your Home

Cover the Walls

The most convenient way to use wallpaper is to cover the walls of a room with it.

Cover Half the Wall

If you don’t want to cover the entire wall of a room, you can only cover either the bottom or top of a wall using wallpaper.

Install Two Wallpapers on one Wall

Another interesting and bold look to create with wallpapers is to install two wallpapers on one wall.

Create a Stunning Feature Wall

Creating a feature wall in your bedroom or living room is also a stunning way to create a wonderful focal point.

Wallpaper the Ceiling

Cover your ceiling with an aesthetic wallpaper to make your home look more beautiful.

Decoupage Furniture

If you wish to upcycle an old piece or want to add some flair to something very simple or plain, it’s best to consider applying wallpaper to a piece of furniture.

Decorate inside of your Bookcase

An open bookcase is another great option to add a decorative touch with wallpaper.

Hang Wallpaper as Art

If you have some piece of wallpaper leftover after a project, you can consider framing that piece and hang it on a wall as artwork.