Attractive Bookshelf Designs to Tickle your Inner Bookworm

Even in digital times, nothing can beat the appearance of a traditional bookshelf. Usually, such bookshelf designs make your home appear more luxurious and expensive.

Traditional Bookshelf

If you want to save up space in your contemporary room, industrial bookshelf designs are perfect. It is because this bookshelf design adds aesthetic charm to the home interior.

Industrial Bookshelf

Want to add creative charm to your living space? Consider the stunning tree-shaped bookshelf designs.

Tree-Shaped Bookshelf

Do you have various skateboards lying in your garage? So, why not club them and turn them into a DIY bookshelf? It is perhaps one of the most creative yet simplest bookshelf designs for upgrading the decor of your living room.

Skateboard Bookshelf

Another DIY for bookshelf designs is a hanging version. Using wooden planks and few ropes, you can create a hanging bookshelf for your living space.

Hanging Bookshelf

Looking for minimalist bookshelf designs for your modern living space? If so, floating bookshelves are perfect for such a setting. Besides, take up less space in the given area, it gives a modern appeal to the interior.

Floating Bookshelf

Want to add a cozy yet barn-style feel to your interior? For this feel, you can consider another creative DIY bookshelf design by using crates.

Crate Bookshelf

If you have some old birdhouses lying in your garden storage, why now turn them into a trendy birdhouse bookshelf? Birdhouse-inspired bookshelf designs are perfect for playroom and bedroom areas.

Birdhouse Bookshelf

If you love vintage decor, your home decor won’t be complete without adding a classic ladder as a bookshelf. Such bookshelf designs are very easy to use.

Ladder Bookshelf