Bathroom Design Ideas that will make you Stay Longer in Shower

While a well-maintained, spot-free bathroom makes a great spa-like space for relaxing, there is something special about a space that oozes an avant-garde edge.

Avant Garde Edge

From glossy white flooring and freestanding bathtub to the chandelier, every last detail in this stunning bathroom speaks about its ethereal aesthetic.

Decorate with Ethereal Aesthetic

You may consider adding unique finishes to your bathroom design to make it appear extravagant and stylish. Simple marble flooring, green tiles on one wall, etc.

Select Unique Finishes

Notice how every element in this bathroom is exclusive in its style, shape, and size. The bright white oval tub and round basins have a modern, clean feel.

Play with Dimensions

This bathroom design proves that a bathroom does not have to be big to give a spa-like vibe. The use of white accents from the countertop and flooring amplifies the feel of this space.

Add Charming Blue

From the pink-tiled walls and pink round basins to gold-plated hardware, this bathroom boasts a perfect interplay of modernity and playfulness.

Choose a Specific Color Scheme

Have a look at this cocooning freestanding tub that matches with similar-styled sinks in this dark-themed bathroom.

Functional & Stylish Matte Black

From the curvy bathtub near the window and a wooden stool to deep green mermaid tiles, every detail in this bathroom reminds you of an image that takes you to a far-away island.

Island Bathroom Vibe