Festive yet Unique Staircase Decoration Ideas that you need to know for Christmas

The Ho Ho Ho Decor

Install bouts of fun and laughter to your Christmas decor. For this decor, you would need alphabet lights, and keep them together to spell “Ho Ho Ho”

Wreath and Ribbon Decor

Wreaths and ribbons can never go wrong. If you have lesser time in hand to decorate your home, this might just be the perfect decor.

Pompom Stair Garlands

If you want to jazz things up and still keep it minimal, this decor is just for you. However, this will work better if you have a white staircase.

Christmas Lyrics on the Back of Stairs

If you want to go minimal and really unique, you can get the lyrics written on the stairs.

Snowflake Cutouts for the Wall

If you don’t want the stairs or the staircase to be too busy, you can simply decorate the wall along the staircase with paper cutouts.

Let the Good Ol’ String Lights Create Magic

If you are pressed for time or want to keep it extremely simple, decorate your entire staircase decoration with string lights.

Ornament Staircase

Hang Christmas ornaments of varying sizes and colors from your banister using ribbon or fishing line.

Winter Wonderland

Use white or silver garland and ornaments to create a frosty, winter wonderland effect. Add faux snow and icicles for extra magic.