How to Repurpose Old Tyres into Home Decor Items

Modify the tyre to be used as seats and hang it up from a tree or a beam using chains. Don’t forget to paint the tyre in funky colours to amp up your own DIY swing.

Tyre Swing

Stack and secure multiple tires to make an ottoman. Paint the tyres and add a cushion on top for comfort.

Tyre Ottoman

Did you know you can make an entire coffee table from an old tyre? Well, the procedure follows akin to the previous DIY. All you need to do is add legs and a ply surface.

Tyre Coffee Table

Go into the garage and bring out an old tyre. From framing mirrors to framing photographs, the tyres can add a quirky touch to your room.

Tyre-Framed Wall Art

This is something that probably none of you has ever imagined. Yes, we are talking about tyre lights. There are innumerable possibilities with tyres for lighting DIY, including hanging lights and sconces.

Tyres as Ambience Lights

 Bury the tyres halfway in the ground to create a decorative garden edging. You can also cut tyres into halves or quarters and then bury them halfway inside the ground.

Tyre Garden Edging

Paint and decorate the tire, then fill it with soil to create a unique flower or succulent planter.

Tyre Planter

Paint and decorate the tire, add a cushion or blanket inside, and create a cozy bed for your pets.

Tyre Pet Bed