Interior Designs built around a Modern Fireplace

Floating Fireplace

If you look at this fireplace design, there are three small pavilions connected by a deck for creating an elegant summer retreat to balance privacy while bringing in the panoramic view to the living space.

Fireplace in the Chimney Stack

Another simple way to make a modern fireplace a part of an original chimney stack within a building. This given interior design has a sculptural fireplace, exposing steel, concrete, and wood for hearth seat.

Open Plan Home with a Towering Chimney

This open-plan home has a beautiful towering chimney within the interior. It is further clad in double-long and thin bricks.

Fireplace with Pivoting Chimney

If you want to take a new approach to the straightforward townhouse renovation London, you may consider this simple yet practical fireplace design. Here a wood-burning fireplace is decked up with pivoting glass doors.

Dramatic Brick Outdoor Fireplace

This is a beautiful design for creating a dramatic fireplace in a beautiful outdoor location. This unique retreat adds beautiful shades of black to a tiny island awash with a subtle color scheme.

Contemporary fireplace

This is a 3,500-square-foot home within the New York designed with simple materials, as well as passive design principles.

Open Fireplace with Wood Storage

This is the design of an agricultural estate in Portugal made by Blaanc Studio. This simple retreat is designed in a minimalist style to not interfere with the stunning backdrop.

Fireplace Firewood Stacked in a Glass Wall

Another crisp and modern fireplace is this stunning design that’s clad in white plaster. There is also a hearth infuse in the interior to add warmth and coziness to the given space.

Minimal Gas Fireplace

This is another stunning minimal gas fireplace from an apartment revamped in a former factory. You can create such a fireplace design in a bright room with a contemporary interior.