Stunning Floating Staircase Design Ideas for Modern Homes

Stunning floating staircase design to consider is the enclosed double-stringer stairs. These are perfect to add an open feel to your house along with a spacious interior.

Enclosed Double-Stringer Stairs

Floating staircase designs with glass railings are great for such a grand foyer. These are ideal to match with an open-concept home’s architecture. The staircase boasts a mono-stringer and open-riser design.

Staircase with Glass Railing

Check out this exquisite commercial-grade staircase for your home or even office space. The design adds a unique industrial feel to the interior with its metallic treads and railings.

Industrial Floating Staircase

How about a completely wooden floating staircase for your home interior? Well, if you want to add a rustic flair to your interior, this staircase is an ideal option for you.

Rustic Floating Staircase

This industrial interior adds more visual appeal to your home with the addition of the monumental staircase for the stunning production floor. It boasts a modern, commercial-grade staircase with a floating layout.

Monumental Floating Stairs

Another stunning floating staircase idea to consider for your home is this grand entry split staircase. These are great for a large-scale, open-space interior with a contemporary and unique appearance.

Grand Entry Split Floating Stairs

Add luxurious and modern appeal to your home with a cantilevered floating staircase design. This interior boasts a minimal layout with a custom staircase layout.

Cantilevered Stairs

Whenever you want to renovate your home, your main priority needs to be to create a house reflecting your style. If you always liked the idea of a floating staircase, you can choose to customize a design.

Brazilian Cherry Tread Stairs

This U-shaped floating staircase design is ideal for both the outdoor and interior space of your house. It looks amazing with a cable railing with balconies and multiple decks.

U-Shaped Floating Staircase