Stunning Sunken Living Room Ideas

Mid-Century But Modern Sunken Living Room

A mid-century modern step-down living room is easy to pull off but likely to add a striking touch to the given space. The elements are perfect for such room decor with specific lines, shapes, and colors.

Open-Concept Sunken Living Room

Another cool idea for sunken living rooms is the one with an open concept interior. It offers you a perfect interior with cozy ambiance light just in front of the glass patio.

Beach House Step Down Living Room

Do you own a perfect beach house? But want to make the sunken living area within the given interior space. If so, have a look at this perfect beach house sunken interior design.

Transitional Sunken Interior

Simple but elegant, that’s how this transitional open-concept sunken interior is. This is the one that any home designer would feel cozy and comfortable in.

Mad Men-Inspired Living Room

If you love the period drama Mad Men, you can consider creating an interior with a sunken area in your home. This is a mid-century design with a contemporary touch.

Curved Design for Sunken Interior

Want to create a stylish conversation pit in your home? One striking way to do so is by adding a curved sunken space in the center. This circular seating area looks not only aesthetic but quite functional as well.

Outdoor Sunken Patio Area

Not just the interior, you can consider adding a sunken seating area outdoors as well. Just have a look at this gorgeous recessed patio area that reinforces the architectural geometry.

Recessed Seating in Pool

How about adding recessed seating within a pool? It’s a perfect idea to add some drama to your property. The recessed seating in the middle of a pool makes a great conversation pit.