Types of Curtain Hooks


In this post, we will discuss about different types of curtain hooks to help you understand their functions and select the best ones for your curtains.

Pin Hooks

Pin hooks are the conventional and basic way to hang curtains.Pin hooks are most commonly associated with pleated curtains, such as pinch pleats or French pleats.

Ring Clips

They usually consist of a ring linked to a clip mechanism. Ring clips work well with curtains that have rod pockets or tab tops.

Grommet Hooks

Grommets are metal or plastic-rimmed apertures at the upper edge of a curtain. The hooks are threaded through the grommet holes to ensure that the curtains hang properly.


S-hooks are curtain hooks that mimic the letter “S” in shape. They can be used with a variety of curtain styles, including grommet, rod pocket, and tab-top curtains.

Traverse Hooks

Traverse hooks are made specifically for use with traverse curtain systems or curtain tracks. These hooks are used for horizontal drapes.

Magnetic Hooks

Magnetic hooks provide one-of-a-kind and handy alternative for hanging curtains. These hooks have a magnetic base that allows them to be attached to metal surfaces.


The appropriate curtain hooks are critical for attaining both functional and aesthetic goals in your window design. When selecting curtain hooks, keep in mind the curtain style, fabric type, and intended effect.