Types of Curtain Hooks

May 27, 2024 Accessories Pepup Team

When it comes to window decorations, curtain hooks are really important. They come in different styles and sizes, and each type has its job. In this article, we’ll talk about the different kinds of curtain hooks so you can choose the right ones for your curtains

best curtain hooks for heavy curtains

Pin Hooks:

Pin Hooks - metal curtain hooks for heavy curtains

Pin hooks are a traditional and simple method for hanging curtains. They’re basically a sharp metal pin with a small hook at the end. Pin hooks are often used with pleated curtains like pinch pleats or French pleats. You insert the pin into the fabric pleats, which gives the curtains a neat and snug look. These hooks can adjust to make the curtains look fuller and work well with both light and heavy curtain fabrics.

Ring Clips:

Ring Clips - curtain hooks design

Ring clips are handy hooks for curtains that are easy to use. They’re usually a ring with a clip attached. They’re great for curtains with rod pockets or tabtops. You just clip the fabric onto the rings and hang them on a curtain rod. These hooks make putting up and taking down curtains quick and easy, and they give curtains a modern and relaxed look.

Grommet Hooks:

Grommet Hooks - curtain wall hooks ikea

Grommet hooks are made just for curtains with grommets, which are holes with metal or plastic rings at the top of the curtain. These hooks go through the grommet holes to help the curtains hang right. Grommet hooks have a modern and simple design that’s great for modern decor. They’re easy to put in place and make the curtains slide smoothly on the rod.

S-Hooks :

S-Hooks - pep up home

S-hooks, resembling the letter “S”, are versatile curtain hooks compatible with various curtain styles such as grommet, rod pocket, and tab-top curtains. Their adaptability makes them a valuable addition to any curtain setup. These hooks easily attach to the curtain pole by looping through the fabric or rings, offering a straightforward and efficient method for hanging curtains. Their practicality allows for swift adjustments and removals, enhancing user convenience. Available in a range of sizes and materials, including metal and plastic, S-hooks cater to diverse preferences and requirements. This comprehensive range ensures options suitable for different curtain weights and design aesthetics, providing flexibility and customization opportunities for users. Incorporating S-hooks into your curtain setup not only streamlines the hanging process but also contributes to an organized and visually appealing window treatment solution.

Traverse Hooks:

Traverse Hooks - curtain hooks without drilling

Traverse hooks are made specifically for use with traverse curtain systems or curtain tracks. These hooks are used for horizontal drapes that open and close with the help of a cord or wand mechanism. Traverse hooks attach to the curtain carriers or gliders within the track, allowing for smooth and effortless curtain movement. They give a tidy and fitted appearance and are typically employed in formal settings for heavy or floor-length curtains.

Magnetic Hooks:

Magnetic Hooks - curtain hooks types

Magnetic hooks provide a one-of-a-kind and handy alternative for hanging curtains. These hooks have a magnetic base that allows them to be attached to metal surfaces such as curtain rods or window frames. Magnetic hooks do not require drilling or hardware installation, making them suitable for renters or individuals who desire a temporary curtain-hanging solution. They are appropriate for lightweight curtains and provide a convenient and adaptable method of curtain hanging.


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The appropriate curtain hooks are critical for attaining both functional and aesthetic goals in your window design. Curtain hooks come in a variety of styles, including pin hooks, ring clips, grommet hooks, S-hooks, traverse hooks, and magnetic hooks. When selecting curtain hooks, keep in mind the curtain style, fabric type, and intended effect. You can guarantee that your curtains hang beautifully and suit the overall decor of your area, boosting its ambiance and functionality with the proper hooks.