5 Small Kitchen Design Ideas That Make a Big Impact

May 28, 2024 Kitchen Pepup Team

Our small kitchen design ideas are best suited for people who are not blessed with a massive and convivial living room kitchen. Surely you can’t have room now for a kitchen island, stove and dining table to show visitors around. But Diminutive should not mean monotonous. There are many smart ways to make your kitchen idea spacious.

Storage space is one of the most critical factors in a small kitchen. By maximizing every free centimeter, rearranging areas that are not as difficult to paint as they should be, and by providing more answers where needed, you could turn a tiny area directly into a tardis.

Start by thinking about how you want to run your kitchen and where you want it to be located, so you can determine what type of garage you need. So make sure that regular dishes are placed on an easily accessible rack while saving dishes for unique events similarly.

1. Decide on a Sharp Color Scheme

An impartial color scheme gives a small kitchen a mild and ethereal sense. Impartial does not simply suggest beige or cream. Combine white pattern tiles and marble countertops with duck egg blue kitchen shelves for a crisp color scheme to bounce around mildly and make the kitchen look spacious.

Decide on a Sharp Color Scheme

2. Invest in a Flexible Garage

In a small kitchen, you want to be creative about the garage. Instead of investing in regular shelving, this cord shelf made of cord material maximizes the garage by allowing you to adapt to the needs of your kitchen. Add shelves or slide them aside, put glasses upside down, or even insert a wine rack. When it’s a top-of-the-line area, you want to make sure that every inch counts.

invest in a flexible garage

3. Distract Attention With an Impressive Floor Covering

In a small kitchen, you thwart everything with impressive tiles. A robust sample on the floor deflects the attention and makes the room experience greater. Every inch of this kitchen has been designed to make the most of the small space from the slim home décor to the potted plant that is placed on top. Hanging the copper pot is a great way to show a few existences and ornaments within the kitchen without overloading the surface of the paintings.

Impressive Floor Covering

4. Hide Household Appliances in a Breakfast Cupboard

Prevent the search for cluttered areas by storing a toaster, kettle, and espresso system in a breakfast cabinet. As soon as you open the cupboard, you can put your preferred system into operation in no time. This is a clever trick to take advantage of awkward corners and none of your kitchen technicians will be placed behind a cabinet.

Breakfast Cupboard

5. Replace a Cooker Hood With an Induction Hob With a Mixed Hood

This induction mixer hob is a brilliant space saver in a small kitchen. For more storage space, you can replace an unwieldy extractor hood above the hob. If you don’t need an extra cupboard with shelves, remember to leave the space above the hob free to provide the phantasm of a particularly spacious kitchen.

Cooker Hood


In conclusion, it is possible to design a small kitchen that takes full advantage of space and functionality, as well as style. It can be done without making many sacrifices but with ingenuity and careful planning. You might want to consider smart storage solutions (e.g., flexible shelving) or clever design elements (e.g., striking color scheme) along with your breakfast cupboards — such as those placed under the table surface. Even in the smallest kitchens, such design strategies can make them look open and attractive: also consider integrating multifunctional appliances like an induction hob with a built-in extractor which would enhance practicality even more. A well-designed small kitchen can thus be highly efficient while visually appealing— demonstrating that size does not limit quality or usability for this important space within your home.