Pressing Matters Floor Lounger Made From Recycled Mattress Filling

May 9, 2020 Furniture

Tasmanian sustainable brand Seljak is well-known for creating different things, including a wool blanket, from the textile waste collected from an old mattress. This time they created another wonderful recycling project – Pressing Matters Floor Lounger.

This minimalist yet functional furniture piece is made of recycled mattress filling, which is shredded and further compressed into a unique cell-shaped furniture unit. This recycling project is done by the Seljak brand in collaboration with Supercyclers.

The designer duo wanted to create something practical out of textile waste collected from the mattress recycling industry. With years of research and information, they created a technique to convert textile waste into a firm and durable material that’s perfect for furniture making.

To turn textile waste into solid material, they use different processes, including compression, molding, felting, and heating/cooling. Moreover, no harsh chemicals or toxic substances are used in the production of this functional furniture piece. This lounger is durable enough to be used in both indoors (in your living room) and outdoor public places, like yoga studios, libraries, or office waiting area.

This curved pod-like lounger can accommodate one person with the utmost comfort. Each piece has been manufactured from the waste of approximately two mattresses. This way the designers don’t only make good use of unwanted textile waste but also showed as a creative way to give a second life to such recycled materials. In short, this sustainable furniture will be beneficial for the environment as well because it won’t end up in a landfill.

Lately, the Pressing Matters Floor Lounger had been one of the top five finalists in the popular 2020 Australian Furniture Design Award. Also, it was showcased at the Stylecraft’s Melbourne showroom.

Via: Trendhunter