5 Signs You Should Renovate Your Home

June 26, 2023 Home Builder Pepup Team

Your home is your castle, and it should be just to your tastes; however, it’s not uncommon for those tastes to change over time, which means that your home should change with them. Time and aging can also weigh heavily on homes, necessitating essential upgrades to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone inside. 

Deciding when and what to renovate can be tough, though, as you don’t want to waste money on something that won’t really add value to your home both now and in the future. Regardless of what you choose, there are some clear signs that it’s time to upgrade, all of which you should consider when you make that first call to a contractor.

Signs You Should Renovate Your Home

Damaged or dangerous infrastructure should be an immediate warning sign

Some aspects of a home that need repair are just annoying, like a banged-up door or one broken tile in the bathroom, but others spell serious problems that need prompt intervention. 

If you have cracked walls, sagging ceilings, or broken stairs, you may be putting your family at risk: it’s essential that you deal with these issues before they get worse. Other major warning signs include roof leaks, water stains, and damaged drywall. 

Get electrical and plumbing problems dealt with promptly

Just as with damaged infrastructure, electrical and plumbing issues should be immediately assessed by a qualified home renovation contractor. Electrical problems can spark a serious house fire that could imperil not just your home and family; plumbing problems can not only cause structural damage, but they too can spark house fires if they damage electrical outlets. Any time that you have a non-functioning outlet, frequent tripped circuits, or signs of water damage, you should research a general contractor who can assist you in getting these addressed.

Feeling cramped might encourage you to add more space

If you’re constantly tripping over clutter and can’t find anywhere to store your things, it may be time for a remodeling project. Sometimes, an inefficient floorplan can make a room feel smaller than it really is; this is common in kitchen layouts, where you need to utilize every inch of space and maximize storage. At other times, you may really just need more space, no matter how well everything is organized, because your family has outgrown the original contours of the home. 

A qualified contractor can take a look at your home and devise ways to add more storage, or even add an entirely new room to better accommodate your family. 

Energy inefficiency can squeeze your budget

It might not seem like a big deal that you’re running the air conditioner more often because the windows are leaky, but that can add up to hundreds of dollars over just a few short years. Likewise, water-hogging appliances can boost your water bill much higher than it should be, costing you far more of your hard-earned money than you really should pay. 

If your windows are over a decade old and your toilet is constantly running, you should consider taking a look at the new energy efficient options available for many of your everyday appliances. Low flow toilets, Energy Star windows, and motion sensing lights are just a few of the ways that you can reduce energy waste, which is good for both your wallet and the planet. 

Better yet, you could consider adding solar panels or geothermal heating to your home: it’s an expensive investment upfront, but it will pay for itself over time. Both of these renewable energy sources reduce your reliance on the energy grid, which doesn’t just save you money but also make you more resilient against disruptions in utility service.

If your home feels dated – and not in a good way – then it’s time to freshen it up

Sometimes it all comes down to aesthetics. Though some remnants of bygone eras are endearing – think of solid wood built-ins from the early 1900s or cheerful tiling from the 1940s and 1950s – others are simply atrocious. For example, faded wallpaper can make your home feel haunted even if it’s a perfectly comfortable space; worn carpet doesn’t just look ugly, but also doesn’t feel very good underfoot. 

With a skillful renovation team, you can preserve those parts of the home that you find charming, like original molding or hand-crafted cabinets, while updating those that aren’t so pleasing to the eye. Especially with older homes, it’s best to work with companies that are highly skilled in remodeling, as they can help you keep the spirit of the home intact while improving functionality and aesthetics. 

Renovating a home can be stressful, but it can also be a great opportunity to put your creativity on display and vastly improve your experience inside your home. By watching for these five signs, you can know right when to call a home remodeling company and let your creativity soar.