When Do You Need To Call Tree Service Professional?

June 29, 2023 Outdoor Pepup Team

Maintaining the trees on your property is a fundamental aspect of responsible homeownership. Trees add aesthetic beauty, provide shade, improve air quality, and contribute to ecosystem health. Tet, sometimes, trees become an eyesore or pose risks to property and safety. When this occurs, it’s crucial to know when calling in a professional tree service in Alpharetta is necessary quickly and efficiently. Southern Star Tree Service can help you with routine and emergency tree service needs.

Diseased or Damaged Trees

Due to storms, pests, improper pruning practices, or storm-driven damage, trees can fall prey to numerous diseases, infestations, and injuries. When these issues arise, they often present with symptoms like dead or decaying branches, discolored leaves, bark damage, and fungal growth; it is wise to consult a tree service professional with the experience needed to quickly identify these issues and recommend treatments to restore the tree’s health.

When Do You Need To Call Tree Service Professional?

Hazardous Tree Conditions

Certain tree conditions pose significant threats to both property and personal safety. Overhanging branches near power lines, buildings, or other structures could pose a danger during storms or high winds; those with weak trunks could uproot easily during upheaval; those with leaning trunks might uproot easily, causing uprooting or falling of their roots, causing uprooting or falling altogether. Should any such dangerous conditions exist on your property, professional services must be called in as they have all the tools and experience necessary for safely pruning or cutting down said hazardous trees to minimize risk to you and others involved.

Tree Pruning and Maintenance

Tree pruning and maintenance are vitally important to promoting healthy tree growth and maintaining the overall aesthetics of your landscape. If you lack the knowledge, tools, or physical ability to prune trees yourself, professional tree services safely should be hired – they have expertise in pruning techniques like deadwood removal and shaping while adhering to industry standards; giving these experts this task will ensure your trees get all of the care needed to flourish.

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Emergency Situations

Storms, strong winds, or other natural disasters can damage trees considerably, with fallen limbs obstructing roads or structures or posing immediate threats to people nearby. When this occurs, emergency tree services must be called immediately. These professionals have all the equipment and expertise needed for quick tree removal, clearing debris from an area, and making the space safe again.

Construction and Landscaping Projects

Consulting with a tree service professional is wise when planning any construction or landscaping projects near trees. They can assess how your project affects them while offering guidance on how best to proceed while limiting damage. They may even assist in tree transplantation or removal if required – ensuring successful completion without jeopardizing tree health during their projects.

Southern Star Tree Service

Southern Star Tree Service is your go-to professional tree service in Duluth. We are an established, trustworthy company with an experienced team of tree service specialists dedicated to meeting your needs – be they tree pruning, removal, or emergency services. Using state-of-the-art equipment and customer satisfaction as our core values, we guarantee exceptional service from start to finish.