A Handy Guide To Detach Your Bathtub Yourself

November 9, 2019 Home Appliances priyanka Shah

Just like all other parts of our house, our bathroom also needs a makeover. However, unlike the general premonition, it does not have to cost you a bomb. Yes, even if you own a bathtub and wish to replace the same. We understand that it is seemingly a daunting task but if you prepare well and have a dependable helping hand, you can do so in a day! Yes, you heard us right. Simply follow our short guide to change your bathtub, and you shall be good to go!

Guide To Detach Your Bathtub Yourself

1. Pre-plan the task and stop the water service

Before you jump-start into the task, stop the water supply a day before and measure your bathtub. The latter will ensure that you buy the perfect size bathtub to replace the old one. Also, find out whether the existing tub is left or right draining, and accordingly buy a new one.

Stop The Water Service

2. Disconnect the drain

Thereafter, you have to gain access to the drain in order to stop the water flow completely. Since the drain is situated at the underside of the tub, you have to gain access to it from behind the wall or the ceiling of the floor below the bathroom. Use channel pliers than to loosen the nut connecting the drain pipe. Once you’re done doing that, you can unscrew the rest and lift up the entire portion. This is to ensure this part is loose and free so you can go ahead with the rest of the steps.

Disconnect The Drain

 3. Separating the tub from the wall

This is going to be a hard task for which you might need to wear safety gloves and glasses. Then take a pencil and a scale for measure up to six inches from the sides of the tub (attached to the wall) into the drywall and cut through the entire portion. Remove any traces of screws and nails as well with a good pry bar. Further, remove moldings (if any) from the side of the alcove. Once you are done doing this, take a utility knife to cut the caulk between the floor and the tub.

Separating The Tub From The Wall

4. Finally it is time to remove the tub.

You need a helper in this step as this is by far the most difficult part. Let one person hold up the frontal portion of the bathtub. As he is holding up the part, you can slide in a few boards underneath to keep the portion off the floor while you do the rest. Now, both of you slide the tub away from its position using the boards as skids. If there are any stringers towards the walls, make sure you remove that as well. Now, your tub is off its place!

Finally It Is Time To Remove The Tub

If you are trying this at home, make sure you have your materials ready and also to clean the area after you are done in order to avoid any accidents. Also, make sure there are no pets or kids around for they may get seriously injured while you are busy with your work.