Sanitas is World’s Thinnest Antimicrobial Copper Door Opener

Whether it’s the COVID-19 outbreak or day-to-day interactions with usual surfaces used by so many people in a day, the germs are constantly on the rise. So, the need for keeping ourselves safe is very crucial. Here enters Sanitas – the world’s thinnest antimicrobial copper door opener to avoid all commonly touched surfaces, such as elevator buttons, door handles, and more.

Sanitas is manufactured from the oligodynamic metal that inactivates common germs, viral species, and spores within four hours. According to a study done in 2015, when hospitals replaced certain touch surfaces with copper, it reduced patient infection rates by more than 58%. the decreased transmission rate is one of the reasons why many hospitals though of use copper surfaces in other common surfaces as well.

It is designed to perfectly fit in your keychain or wallet so that you can easily carry it with you anywhere. This slim, wallet-friendly thing has been crafted from natural copper that’s naturally antimicrobial and always stays clean due to its surface that doesn’t allow pathogens to live on it.

You can easily slip out this device from your wallet when you want to open the door, take out cash from ATM, press the elevator’s button, and more. This metal card is also recyclable and includes ergonomic design, which is easy to be gripped by the user for opening any type of door handle for preventing any avoidable contact. Hence, it provides maximum protection against germs.

Currently, the manufacturers of Sanitas are seeking funds on the Indiegogo crowdfunding website and have successfully surpassed their initial goal. You may pre-order Sanitas antimicrobial copper door opener from Indiegogo for $14 to protect your hands from unwanted germs.

Via: Gadget-Flow