6 New Tile Trends to Be Recognized for 2020

October 30, 2020 Bathroom Pepup Team

When it comes to the renovation of bathrooms, the choice of tiles may be rushed or, in the worst case, insignificant in retrospect. But before you decide on undeniably white subways, remember that your tile choice could affect or ruin your bathroom renovation.

So what are the ultra-modern illusory worlds in your bathroom? Here we talked to Math Smith, Beaumont Tiles’ layout expert, about the six major developments in the bathroom sector that will be seen in 2020.

1. Ungrounded Life

New Tile Trends

Worn and cherished, “excavated life” shows the preference of people to return to the essentials and discover the purity of objects in a raw, almost primitive layout that is tactile and resonant. Think of unfinished substances and rustic textures, misshapen ceramics and open birthday parties of imperfection and simple beauty.

2. Referenced Life

referenced life

Lovers of luxury goods from every generation can deal with ‘referenced life’. This is simply because the call implies and refers to motifs from artwork Deco, Bauhaus, the 1940s, 1970s and the soul, all of which are blurred to create a delicate medley of iconic layout notes that are warm, inviting and innovative.

3. Explored Life

explored life

Eclectic and creative, the ‘fed life’ takes factors from any Scandinavian and Russian layout and mixes them into a natural, wood-like environment. Earth tones, with an informal and comfortable look that is eclectic and creative, are the premium way to achieve this look.

4. Way of Life

way of life

Mass absorption decreases, and in its place is a bowl in the lower back of our desire to collect useless equipment and take a more conscious technique to our impact on the environment. From this, the term “slow absorption” was coined, and “lifestyle” shows this broader social awareness towards a responsible life.

5. Hybrid Lifestyles

Hybrid Lifestyles

Online and offline, in the city and on the County – as Americans, our lives are blurred, worlds collide to dramatically change the way we interact with territories and everyone else. These experiences, observations and interactions are growing forward-looking areas that reflect the changes in our social paradigm, and “hybrid lifestyles” is the layout interpretation of it.

6. Life Agenda

Life Agenda

The “Life Agenda” is an outstanding hierarchy of factors that includes hand-woven fabric textures, romantic wooden patinas, rich colour palettes in deep blue, burgundy and bronze, then contrasted with pops in gray and green.