6 Surprising Places to Hide Vacation Gifts at Home

December 4, 2020 DIY Pepup Team

Vacations are just around the corner, and you too may want to pick a few specific items for the right oldies for your list, but it’s really not the biggest element to worry about now. At some point you will discover something for all of us. But what then?

Check out 6 places where you can collect the Christmas gifts of your curious younger ones!

Keeping the Magic Alive

Keeping the Magic Alive

For many people, the hardest part of buying excursions is not choosing the best items or making sure they are packed in time, but keeping them hidden from curious members of their own family! It may be difficult to outsmart snooping teenagers – and spouses – who in all likelihood won’t be able to be around until the big day to unpack their items, but these clever hiding places are certainly the final region in which they will be searching.

In an Incorrectly Labeled Box

In a Mislabeled Box

This answer is simple, however powerful. Grab a box or a barrel and label it with something as stupid as “tax receipts” or “equipment warranties”. Then hide it under similar containers in your basement, closet or garage room. Unless you have teenagers who take the whole apartment apart to find their belongings, that should be enough to thwart them.

In Your Underwear Drawer

Underwear Drawer

Some places are undoubtedly considered taboo, and underwear drawers are usually one of them. Tuck small gives way under a layer of underwear to ensure that curious teenagers or young adults might be too embarrassed to dig deeper. This is an effective solution for small packages, but does not solve the problems with large containers.

At a Friend’s House

A Friend House

If you are in a small area or cannot resist the efforts of your children, you should remember that you have exchanged items with a friend. It is not the easiest thing to paint these pictures so that the actual objects remain a surprise, it would also be characteristic to distract snoopers from the intoxicating scent in case they discover a package deal that contains something that they have not actually asked for now.

In the Cellar or in the Attic

the Cellar or in the Attic

If you have small children, hiding excursion items is as clean as keeping them within the scariest region to your home. Hide them in the attic, in a boiler room, in a cobwebbed shed, or in some other scary place where your children would not dare to take them. Make sure the items are in a garage box to make sure they are not damp or dusty. This admittedly easiest trick works for younger teens and may not be effective for young adults or adults at all.

In Suitcases

In Suitcases

Almost everyone has a suitcase or duffel bag that stands out around their home, and there are remarkable spots to cover large items that are difficult to hide in any other case. Since these items are rarely used, they are usually stored in the garage anyway, so the people you are staying with will not necessarily suspect this place.