Many homeowners want their kitchen to be out of sight in a different and individual room from the remaining living area of their home. Yet, it is not the case due to open-floor plan houses. Today, rooms in the modern homes and buildings connected and open to each other. So, to create a “hidden kitchen” design in such a setting, designers need to come up with some creative ideas for isolating it. (more…)

Are you seeking to upgrade your kitchen design but are short on ideas? Kitchen renovation is a very complicated process. As you can think, kitchen makeover ideas are quite perplexing – this is because you may not know where to start or how to frame your course of action. (more…)

Over the years, kitchen designs have vastly changed and with new and innovative kitchen designing ideas, it is impossible to select what is best for your kitchen, and when it comes to designing your kitchen every part of it is important and provides a unique flavor to the whole look of your kitchen. Mixing and matching things, looking up for prices, what is best and what’s not these questions arises when it comes to renovating your kitchen. There are lots of choices available when you want to upgrade your kitchen. You can either do a complete renovation or choose a…

Our small kitchen design ideas are best suited for people who are not blessed with a massive and convivial living room kitchen. Surely you can’t have room now for a kitchen island, stove and dining table to show visitors around. But Diminutive should not mean monotonous. There are many smart ways to make your kitchen idea spacious. (more…)

Italy-based company Mobilspazio has created this all-in-one kitchen that’s equipped with all kitchen essentials like a sink, a stovetop, a refrigerator, drawers, storage cabinet, and more. Dubbed K-133, this mini kitchen is the signature offering created for professional use. Its versatile, compact, and functional design is suitable for hotels, small living spaces, modular homes and more. (more…)

With limited space in small urban apartments, homeowners are not able to enjoy freshly grown vegetables and fruits at home. Therefore, Australian-based company Bace has come up with a brilliant indoor gardening solution in the form of the Rotofarm that uses technology inspired by NASA to grow plants. (more…)

South African company, Super Veloce, has come up with a stunning coffee maker Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition. This espresso machine is created in honor of the 993 generation Porsche 911. You can clearly notice that the unique shape of this coffee maker pays tribute to the flat six-cylinder engine model. (more…)