Dog owners love their pet no less than their own children. That’s why they are always ready to provide them the utmost comfort. However, one thing that many pet owners dislike about their pooches is the sopping wet beard after gulping water from their bowl. If you are also not fond of the way your dog drinks water and spills it everywhere around the bowl, you need to check out TagME Dripless Water Bowl. (more…)

If you have a pet at home and you’re looking for a GPS collar for it, you’ve landed on the right page. Petsagram is the newly developed GPS collar for pets to not just provide the location of your furry friend but can even save your home from potential fire breakout. (more…)

Are you looking for a perfect pet bed that can be set next to your bed – without allowing your dog or cat to get into your personal space? If so, the staircase-equipped Penn Plax Buddy Bunk pet bed is a perfect solution for you and your furry friend. (more…)

IKEA’s affordable range of smart electric devices gets a new dimension with the brand new Edison Smart Bulb. Over the past few years, the archaic Edison-style bulbs have been making a splash in the market, with both personal and professional spaces raising an equal demand for them. It packs in all the wonderful features of a good smart bulb, so if you are looking for a smart bulb that is WiFi-enabled and works perfectly in conjunction with Alexa, the IKEA’s Edison Smart Bulb may be worth a try. Priced at a meager $10, IKEA struck a bar of gold with…

During the ongoing pandemic situation, many of us have come more close to our families. In the current devastating scenario all across the globe, people have started valuing each other more. If you are close to your mother, then Mother’s Day, which falls on May 9, 2021, is a perfect time to express your gratitude to her and make her feel special. (more…)

The dining room is always where you gather with family and friends for meals or to simply talk. As a result, you must plan the dining room properly. The dining room’s location, colors, and architecture will be determined by the available space. The room’s lighting and flooring must also be complementary. Here are some of the best dining room styles to consider. How to modernize the dining room? Many homes have abandoned the conventional dining room in favor of an open-plan design to accommodate a more casual way of life. Other smaller spaces lack the required square footage for a…

Even the extremely well-crafted and grandeur staircase demands a practical railing to keep you protected and secure. When remodeling your home or building a new home, stair railings may be an afterthought for many homeowners. You may feel that you only need railings to fulfill your local building code requirements. (more…)

Homeowners love making little changes to their home decor here and there and make it look interesting, attractive, and more appealing. Since we are not professional stages, we do not have many resources at hand, but as a proud homeowner, we know the strengths of our humble abode. (more…)

House cleaning is essential, but keep up with daily cleaning can be difficult. But it’s not necessary to invest a lot of time in home cleaning. Keeping a house clean is not much about time involvement, but more about forming good habits to stay tidy instinctively. (more…)

Home Maintenance Tricks: Just like you go for regular health checkups of your body, your home also needs a proper maintenance schedule for keeping it in the best condition. If you regularly check your home appliances, security, exterior, electrical systems, plumbing, as well as heating and cooling systems, it’s easier to prevent breakdowns and save a lot of money in repairs and replacements. (more…)