Do you live in a region with harsh winters and below zero-degree temperatures? If so, you need to think about incorporating a fireplace in your house – if you don’t have one already. The fireplace is a great addition to a home to improve its aesthetics, as well as warming up the interior and making things more enjoyable – especially if it’s open and spacious. (more…)

House cleaning is essential, but keep up with daily cleaning can be difficult. But it’s not necessary to invest a lot of time in home cleaning. Keeping a house clean is not much about time involvement, but more about forming good habits to stay tidy instinctively. (more…)

To reduce the amount of landfill, recycling has become very important today. However, it’s a tedious task. Imagine separating paper from plastic – isn’t it a daunting job to do? Wouldn’t it be nice if a robot can do this painful task for us? Probably, Aldous Hicks, a mechanical engineer and programmer, read your thoughts and came up with a recycling solution for your home in form of a robot called Lasso. (more…)

You may be familiar that hospitals use UV light for disinfecting and sterilizing different rooms to prevent spread of harmful viruses and bacteria. Now, founders of Smartify have created the world’s first UVRoboclean smart robot that uses the same technology to sterilize any countertop, surface, or object it touches. (more…)