Artist Okuda San Miguel Transforms an Abandoned House In Myriad Geometric Hues

December 23, 2019 Home Decor priyanka Shah

A bit of color can brighten the lives of many. If you are someone who loves colors and believes in color therapy, you are surely going to love this. Spanish street artist Okuda San Miguel, known for his vibrant art, recently traveled all the way to Fort Smith, Arkansas, to paint an abandoned and old houe with his signature multi-hued geometric style. In his endeavor, San Miguel partnered with Just Kids for The Unexpected. For the uninitiated, they are an organization that is aiming to rejuvenate the local Arkansas neighborhood through public modern art.

Transforms an Abandoned House

Presenting their initiative on Instagram, Just Kids said,

We have a brand new gigantic Okuda‘s artwork in town folks! The Spanish artist returned to Fort Smith a few days ago to create the Rainbow Embassy, a stunning urban installation curated by Just Kids. You can see it near the Darby Junior High School at the intersection of North 14th Street and North G Street.

Artist Okuda San Miguel Transforms an Abandoned House

It must be noted that for his first installation in the town, the maverick painted a neglected house that is situated right adjacent to Darby Junior High School. On that abandoned house, he drew a series of geometric lines and shapes in myriad colors. When noticed carefully, the structure bears two faces akin to animals painted on its sides.

Transforms an Abandoned House

Talking about this endeavor, Okuda said,

“This project gave me the possibility to expand on my previous work, adding in more architectonic dimension and completing my vision of mythical animals.”

Trick to transform Abandoned House

According to him, he desires his art to bring “a touch of imagination and play into the daily lives of the neighboring community and students and Darby Junior High, as they will get to enjoy the installation and watch as it evolves through the seasons.

Darby Junior High

We are indeed smitten by his idea and genial creativity, what about you?