Follow These Simple Steps To Set Up SmartThings Hub And Home Monitoring Kit

December 24, 2019 Home Appliances priyanka Shah

Life in the 21st century has to be modern and smart. The AI-enabled urban structure has swayed us to such an extent that we cannot imagine our homes without smart devices. From waking us up on time and reminding us to take medicines on time to even keeping our houses secure, almost every urban home has a smart device ready.

Set Up SmartThings Hub

However, if you are someone who is just initiating your way into the smart home structure, this article is for you. Here, we discuss the set-up process to initiate your Samsung SmartThings Hub and Home Monitoring Kit. Please take a look –

1. Pay attention to your package and read the manual thoroughly

The SmartThings Hub comes in a sturdy square box. Apart from the device, the package also consists of a power outlet, a motion sensor, and two multi-purpose sensors. On removing the Hub from the box, you shall find the device having slots for the power adapter, ethernet cable, and two USBs on one side. In the package, kept underneath the hub, you shall find the plugs you need to set the whole setup up.

Best Set Up SmartThings Hub

Top Set Up SmartThings Hub

2. Follow the instructions on the box

Samsung isn’t really lying when they say it is extremely easy to set up. There are four basic steps provided at the back of the cover, where Samsung has written the steps extremely carefully. While you may not have any problem here, you may face problem while searing for the SmartThing app on your phones. The fact the app is not branded with Samsung in the app stores that makes it pretty difficult to locate. Thereafter, you can follow the app set-up process to make the entire steps easier.

Set Up SmartThings Hub 2020

3. Connect your SmartThings device

After you initialize the mobile application, you can now proceed on to the next to them, which is connecting the device. For this, simply plug the ethernet cable into the device, then into your router. Thereafter, plug the power cord into the Hub. You can now plug the power plug into your regular electricity source and tada! The LED light will light up, signaling connection to your device.

Top Set Up SmartThings Hub in 2020

4. The LED will cycle through different colors before being ready to be used

This step may take some moments, so don’t worry if you’re watching the pretty light colors for more than 5 and even 15 minutes. Once the LED light stays green, you shall receive a notification on your SmartThings app about the device is ready. Now, you can move onto your first accessory.

different colors before being ready to be used

5. Plugin the outlet for using the Hub to perfection

The outlet is of prime importance with manifold possibilities. Basically, it will communicate with your SmartThings Hub to do any number of things. You have the liberty to manually turn it on or off with your phone, or you can program what you want it to do when you’re home or away or asleep, or you can schedule certain activities. Simply pair the device now with various outlets, and enjoy your smart home device taking care of your home like no other!

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