Love Coffee? This Pocket Sized Barista Might Just Be Perfect For You!

December 23, 2019 Home Appliances priyanka Shah

Do you love your home-brewed coffee wrapped out of freshly ground coffee beans? Are you a coffee addict, who simply detests the commercial cafes? If so, you are in for a surprise this Christmas. The latest Kickstarter project is associated with the Coffee-Jack, a pocket sized barista, which will enable you to wrap quick yet delectable coffee in a matter of minutes.

Pocket Sized Barista

The Coffee-Jack, which is still in its manufacturing process, does not make use of any consumables or one-time usable coffee filters. Thus, it comes across as a little giant, capable of the most finely brewed coffee espresso without being a burden on the environment.

Best Pocket Sized Barista

Now, coming to its features, this tiny giant of a coffee machine comprises of innovative micro-hydraulic technology, which allows pressures in excess of nine bars. It is also able to churn out 14 grams equivalent of espresso coffee in about a couple of minutes. Coming from a pocket sized machine, this capacity is indeed one-of-a-kind. Coffee connoisseurs will surely agree with us on that.

Pocket Sized Barista 2020

However, you would be surprised to hear that despite operating at such high pressure, this machine costs literally one-fifth of the prices of coffee machines that provide you with similar features. Priced around $75 on Kickstarter campaign, Coffee Jack makes it quite evident that it is here to capture the market. After all, when it comes to taste, Coffee-Jack brews highly aromatic, intense coffee, just like (if not better) its higher-quality counterparts at 85% lesser costs.

features of Pocket Sized Barista

Best Pocket Sized Barista in 2020

Besides, thanks to its ease of portability, you would not have to accommodate bad outside coffee even while you are traveling. That’s quite a reason to get this coffee machine, right?  Added to that the idea of having no disposable cups simply adds the icing on the cake. We are sure it is a great deal, what does the coffee addict in you say?