Best Home Cleaning Ideas To Make Your Living Space Shine

February 6, 2021 Home Decor Monika Thakur

House cleaning is essential, but keep up with daily cleaning can be difficult. But it’s not necessary to invest a lot of time in home cleaning. Keeping a house clean is not much about time involvement, but more about forming good habits to stay tidy instinctively.

Yes, there will be days when you won’t feel like cleaning anything. But to make daily cleaning interesting, you need to follow the given 10 cleaning ideas to maintain a tidy house.

But before we start discussing the good cleaning habits to follow, you must know why it’s important to keep your abode clean.

Here are the five crucial reasons why you must keep your home clean at all times:

* Breath Better: The more dust your home has, the poorer is the air quality you might be breathing. Proper cleaning focuses on removing as much dust as possible out of your home, enabling you to breathe cleaner air.

* Be More Active: According to research conducted at Indiana University, it was found that the cleaner a participant’s house was, the more they get involved in exercising. Regular cleaning habits often motivates you to do more exercise, whenever you have free time for tidying up things around you.

* Boost Your Mood: According to a study from Social Psychology Bulletin, it has been found that people who stay in cluttered houses are more likely to deal with sad or depressed mood throughout the day. But when a house is nicely de-cluttered, your mood is elevated instantly.

* Eat Healthily: As per researchers from the University of Minnesota, the individuals who live in a clam and well-maintained rooms are likely to eat healthier than those who live in a disorderly and unclean environment.

* Gets You Free Time: If you’re involved in regular house cleaning, you’re more likely to get free time to do other things that you like. This is because you have less cleaning work to do if you follow proper habits for tidying things around you.

10 Best Home Cleaning Ideas to Incorporate in Your Life

Here are the 10 best home cleaning ideas or habits to follow to maintain a neat and clean house:

1. Begin with making your bed

Best Home Cleaning Ideas

For some people making the bed is waste of time, but trust us that it does make a big impact on how tidy your room looks only after making a little effort. It even starts a day well and makes you feel good when you come back home ready to climb into a well-made bed at the end of the day.
For making the cleaning job easier, you must cut out top sheets and only use duvets and other washable covers. However, if you like top sheets in your bed, you can consider minimizing the number of pillows on your bedding. You can even use a duvet or comforter that you don’t have to tuck into the bedsheet.

2. Try to finish one load of laundry each day

Best Home Cleaning Ideas To Make Your Living Space Shine

Depending on how much load of laundry you do every week, you can set alternate days or every day for doing laundry. When you get into the habit of doing one load of laundry in the morning, you’re likely to get clean and dry clothes every day before leaving for work. You can put it in delay for getting clothes in the dryer as soon as you get home, or simply put the entire load in the morning and start the machine as soon as you get back home. However, you need to assure that you save your time sometimes in a day for completing the load. This will save you from doing a huge pile of laundry in one day.

3. Set priorities

Best Home Cleaning Ideas To Make Your Living Space Shine

Every cleaning work is not equal. You can make a list of things you’d like to get done. After that, mark things that you prioritize to get done immediately and the things that can wait until one or two days. As per the available time, you can jot down two to three realistic goals and stick with those before attempting to do anything else. We understand that writing out lists is interesting for everyone. But when you get into this habit, you’d realize it helps you stay focused.

4. Follow 80/20 rule

Best Home Cleaning Ideas To Make Your Living Space Shine

If you’re a perfectionist, you’d probably find it hard to leave any particular section of your house less clean. After all, you want everything to be perfect and clean around you. But you need to be realistic as well. For that, you must follow the 80/20 rule – meaning that you need to be happy with the 80% of the cleaning you’ve done. The remaining 20% makes the little details, like ensuring every little nook and corner is cleaning off the floor or cleaning dust even from some hard to reach places. But such minute details often go unnoticed by visitors. We’re not saying that you should never clean those areas. But make them part of only the deep cleaning routine, which is once or twice a month, rather than your regular weekly cleaning schedule.

5. Get your entire family involved

Best Home Cleaning Ideas To Make Your Living Space Shine

Another great idea to keep your house nicely clean is getting your whole family involved. This often makes things easier to do. Moreover, teaching children to do certain age-appropriate jobs help them learn responsibilities. Hence, it’s better for both parents and kids in the long run. You can begin with working on letting your kids put their shoes and coat away whenever they come into the house. Also, teach them to put dishes in the dishwasher, cleaning their room, making their bed, etc. You’d notice how much difference it could make to your overall cleaning routine if all these simple things are done. However, for the first few weeks, you need to be on your children a lot. But when this habit will start, you’d notice your kids will start doing these things on their own even with minimal reminders.

6. Try to keep cleaning supplies near to where you use them

Best Home Cleaning Ideas To Make Your Living Space Shine

You can keep basic cleaning supplies, like polishing cloth, microfiber cloth, toilet scrub brush, and cleaner, in your bathroom cabinet. This would certainly make this so much easier whenever you want to give a quick swipe or clean the toothpaste spit stuck on the mirror. Instead of going to some other area of your house for fetching the cleaning supplies, it’s best to keep them in your bathroom already. You can do some simple clean tasks even before bathing – as it only takes a minute or two. With your routine two-minute bathroom cleaning routine, you’d decrease your deep bathroom cleaning schedule to a great extent.

7. Try 15-minute family nightly clean-up

Best Home Cleaning Ideas To Make Your Living Space Shine

With regular 15-minute family nightly clean-up, you can make things easier when cleaning. It often feels easy and light when everyone else is cleaning with you. To make things interesting, you can put on the timer and stick to the top cleaning priorities. You can ask the kids to clean their rooms and help you with some other household chores while you work on laundry, kitchen cleaning, or mopping the floor. You can start cleaning with things that often make a lot of clutter or a big mess. These things certainly need to be done before you go to the bed. You can turn on your robotic vacuum cleaner just before bedtime, especially in high traffic areas. This way you’d have very little or no cleaning work to do in the morning. So, you can simply get ready to work without worrying about cleaning work.

8. Try not to leave a room empty-handed

Best Home Cleaning Ideas To Make Your Living Space Shine

This habit of cleaning is beneficial to maintain overall cleanliness in your home. Whenever you move from one room to another, always try to quickly scan to see if there’s anything that you need to take away to another room where it belongs. Only take things that you would actually put away – moving a pile of clothes from one room to another room where it does not belong won’t help you much. You can take away dirty dishes that need to go into a dishwasher or mover laundry that must be put away downstairs/upstairs. Whenever you make an effort to move things from one place to another, you are making use of your time and energy while making an extra effort to keep things organized and clean in your house. However, it’s more about developing a habit.

9. Always declutter

Best Home Cleaning Ideas To Make Your Living Space Shine

This may take a lot of your time and require so much energy. But when you take time for decluttering and organizing your house, it will certainly cut down the time required for cleaning. Making the right spot for every object in your house is a simpler and effortless way that makes cleaning so much easier for you, as well as your family. It also reduces the time you spend on the counters to clean the surface – provided there’s no unwanted mess on the surface tops. If you are not sure where to start, you must try decluttering challenger for the next 6 weeks. This will gradually help you form a habit of cleaning, decluttering, and organizing your space the way you want.

10. Know high traffic areas in your house

Best Home Cleaning Ideas To Make Your Living Space Shine

If you concentrate on keeping high traffic areas tidy regularly, you can easily prevent the spread of dust and dirt throughout your house. Always have a dedicated spot for your shoes at the entrance of your home. This will remind everyone to take off their shoes before entering the house, so the dirt remains only in one spot. Even small rugs at the doorway can help in trapping a lot of incoming dirt and dust. For your pets, you can keep an old towel by the door for wiping off their paws before they enter inside the house. Moreover, vacuum these areas frequently to keep the dirt and dust-free. It won’t take too much time – only 5 minutes or so for complete cleaning.

Using these best home cleaning ideas, you can easily maintain your house nicely in a very organized way. The more you follow these habits, the easier it will be for you to keep your home perfectly spotless and well-cleansed.