Cana One Molecular Beverage Printer Makes Any Drink You Want

So far, we have seen several beverage-making machines for preparing different types of drinks. For instance, there is Nespresso to brew coffee in a capsule using coffee beans. Even Keurig is known to brew coffee the same way. Likewise, there are different types of juicers and mixers to help you prepare thousands of drinks at home. However, most of these appliances use capsules per drink that may be wasteful and harmful for our environment. So, Cana, a Silicon Valley company, wants to put an end to the wastage with its device called Cana One. It is a countertop machine, which is claimed to be the world’s first molecular beverage printer.

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So, instead of using a capsule, this machine makes use of a single cartridge of flavors to prepare thousands of beverages. For instance, it can easily help your print iced coffee, soft drinks, juice, sports drinks, cocktails, and wine. You can select the desired drink from a various range of beverages via a touchscreen.

Molecular Beverage printer with innovative technology

Image: Cana

You may even customize the alcohol, sugar, and caffeine depending on your taste and preference. Cana has worked with various beverage brands from across the globe to create this machine to make its concoctions. To be precise, a team of scientists worked for three long years to study famous beverages at their molecular level. Further, the researchers have come up with a technology to isolate the trace compounds behind its aroma and flavor. As a result, the end product can deliver a huge variety of drinks using a specific set of ingredients.

The system also makes use of the “novel microfluidic liquid dispense technology” for mixing various beverages. According to Cana, around 90% of the beverages we consume are just water with flavors, alcohol, and sugar. And, using these ingredients, it is easy to prepare endless drinks to meet the preferences of the consumers.

Aims to reduce wastage and gas emissions

The company also claims that its molecular beverage printer can reduce waste and gas emissions. They are willing to do so by encouraging people to avoid canned and bottled drinks. According to the firm, they may even reduce water wastage that often takes place for growing ingredients, like wine and orange juice.

Image: Cana

Price and Availability

You can preorder Cana One simply with a reservation fee of around $99 against the purchase price of $499 for its first 10,000 units. After that, the price will increase up to $799. the drinks, however, are likely to cost between 25 cents and $2 each.

Cana can automatically replace the ingredient cartridges whenever needed at no cost. However, you need to pay for the concoctions per drink. According to the company, the average price for this will be lesser than the bottled beverages found at the retail stores. This gives this molecular beverage printer an instant cost advantage. Another advantage is that the ingredient cartridges are free and the cost is just for the drinks you prepare.

Via: Thrillist