Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 2022 For Spotless Home
August 27, 2022 Monika Thakur

Don’t want to get into the hassle of changing dirtbag every time after vacuuming your home? If so, there are tons of bagless vacuum options available if you don’t want to deal with the trouble of changing a dirtbag in your vacuum. These vacuums, which don’t have bagged models, have…

Best smokeless indoor grill 2022 - 2023
July 11, 2022 Monika Thakur

No matter whether you have less outdoor cooking space at home or facing serious outdoor elements, a smokeless indoor grill is a reliable option. These grills let you cook delicious grilled food that you’d get outside. Since the indoor grills are smokeless, you don’t have to stress over the neighbors…

Best Electric Grill 2022-2023 For Indoor/Outdoor Cooking
July 6, 2022 Monika Thakur

Looking for a functional electric grill that enables you to cook both indoors and outdoors? If so, you need to consider buying the best electric grill 2022-2023. These grills are easier to use than other cooking appliances. Due to user-friendly controls, easy-to-adjust temperatures, and other user features, like digital thermometers,…

June 13, 2022 Monika Thakur

Having a range hood over your gas stove is a great option, as it keeps the kitchen free from grease and smoke. But cleaning it is certainly a tedious task that no one wants to get into. With the same thought in mind, designer Maxime Augay has come up with…

March 14, 2022 Monika Thakur

So far, we have seen several beverage-making machines for preparing different types of drinks. For instance, there is Nespresso to brew coffee in a capsule using coffee beans. Even Keurig is known to brew coffee the same way. Likewise, there are different types of juicers and mixers to help you…

Modern Fireplace
March 11, 2022 Monika Thakur

Various interior design trends last for a few seasons and disappear over time. But one everlasting trend that transforms with time is the installation of a fireplace in living spaces. A modern fireplace has never completely gone out of style. Designers often come up with innovative and adaptive ways to…

WALKOLUTION-Treadmill Desk-1
March 8, 2022 Monika Thakur

Sitting is considered the new smoking, as an average person spends around 11 hours in a seated position. However, our bodies are used to motion to remain in good shape. But how’s that possible due to today’s increasing work-from-home lifestyle? Germany-based startup Walkolution is helping people create productive work-from-home setups….

January 18, 2022 Monika Thakur

Recently, LG Electronics has unleashed its two new smart ovens to simplify the tasks of maintaining and managing their 21st century smart home. Their two smart ovens – LG InstaView Over-the-Range Microwave and Double Oven Range – offer you shorter cooking times. Therefore, they help you save time and energy….

This Transparent Toaster Uses Graphene Technology-1
January 15, 2022 Monika Thakur

South Korea-based Graphene Square has unveiled a transparent toaster ‘kitchen styler’ at CES 2022 in Las Vegas. What’s unique about this transparent toaster is that it makes use of graphene technology to heat the device and toast bread. The transparent and flexible graphene works like a plastic wrap to conduct…