Connecticut Man Builds Two Luxury Towers for His Cats

April 27, 2020 Home Decor Monika Thakur

Rob Coutu from Windsor, Connecticut, has shown his love for his feline companions by creating two luxurious towers in the middle of his living room. He wanted to make something special for his cats – especially, Zach, a Savannah cat – so that the adorable grimalkins could indulge in his deepest passion for exploring and climbing different places.

After realizing that Zach loves to perch high and climb to the tallest places possible, Coutu decides to build a kingdom for his fellow felines. The two extra-tall cat towers are spread across his living room without compromising with his personal space.

It took over a year to build these two multi-story towers that are further connected with a tiny footbridge. Now, these cat towers make a spectacular addition to the entire living room and the best thing is that his cats, especially Zach, love to spend time in these luxe towers.

If you have a cat at home, you must be aware that these beautiful creatures are natural climbers and also loved to scratch here and there to maintain their sharp claws. So, Coutu’s cat towers enable the felines to enjoy both of their favorite things while keeping up with the aesthetics of the home.

Both the towers are made very tall, almost up to the ceiling – with slanted roofs. The towers also boast a small sign saying “Zach Tower,” and also features box gardens and windows with balconies on all levels. Each tower also has their separate exists, which lead to a conventional cat scratcher with a carpet cover.

Within a few weeks, these massive cat towers have become viral on the internet and people are loving Coutu’s creativity and love for his felines. On his Facebook page, Coutu also mentioned that due to the high demand for these cat towers, he will also start making more custom cat towers for people as well. Moreover, he is also working on different ways you may purchase his building plants to create your custom designs for fitting similar cat towers within your living space.

Via: MyModernMet