DIY Pendant Lamp Made of Repurposed Plastic Milk Containers

May 9, 2020 DIY Monika Thakur

Gilbert de Rooij of upcycleDZINE often shares amazing DIY upcycling ideas and many interesting projects on his blog. This time he came up with an interesting handcrafted pendant lamp called MilkCollar. It consists of repurposed plastic milk containers. Giving a second life to the unused plastic containers, this DIY project adds a stunning touch a home.

Turning waste into DIY pendant lamp

If you’re not familiar with upcycling, let us enlighten you with it. It is a process of turning waste objects or unwanted products into something useful. You can create many new products or materials of good quality with some other function. These reused objects are not only transformed into something practical. But these are also better for the environmental value.

To create this innovative lamp, Gilbert began with cutting out unused plastic. He cut the containers in three parts i.e. top, middle, and bottom. After that, he used the middle section to shape the pendant lamp like a beautiful flower.

There are so many possibilities of how you can shape these containers. So, it took the DIYer some attempts for choosing the perfect design for the lampshade. According to Gilbert, the most confusing part of creating this lamp was to decide which container parts to use. And, he also was not sure where to put those parts. But after a few attempts, he brilliantly pulled it off. And, created a stunning lighting fixture with different plastic milk containers.

Perfect for industrial touch

The final circular shape of the pendant lamp is due to fastening of different segments. These segments bind together a little metal and copper-toned eyelets. Furthermore, Gilbert used the classic IKEA lightbulb to complete the lamp.

Copper elements of this lamp includes a nice combination of eyelets. These eyelets add unique industrial style to the lamp. And, you can install it anywhere from any patio, ceiling, or balcony wall.

Even you can try creating this upcycled lamp if you’ve some DIY skills.

Via: upcycleDZINE