USA Engineers Innovate Foil Wrapped Homes To Fight Wildfire

November 7, 2019 Home Technology priyanka Shah

Of late, wildfires have been one of the main climatic concerns in numerous parts of the USA. A vicious natural calamity, wildfires are perhaps the hardest to tackle as it spreads with winds and can engulf a huge area under its wrathful grasp. To address this concern, a team of researchers from Case Western Reserve University has created a huge foil blanket that, as demonstrations suggest, can prevent wildfires across the state of California.

Wonderful Innovation

Benefits of Foil Wrapped Homes

Talking about this wonderful innovation, Professor Fumiaki Takashi from the University, said:

The whole-house fire blanket is a viable method of protection against fires at the wildland-urban interface.

Foil Wrapped Homes

This research idea came after Takashi was approached by residents and workers surrounding the fire-risk areas. In this endeavor, Professor Takashi partnered with the US Forest Department, NASA Glenn Research Centre, Cuyahoga Community College, and New Jersey Forest Fire Service.

Fight Wildfire

The research commenced with Takashi and the team searching through and testing various blanket materials with fire-shielding properties. The team first tested the durability and efficiency of the materials against wooden birdhouses before moving to door-sized wooden panels in grasslands and finally to wooden shades subjected to wildfire commenced deliberately by the forest fire service department. Of course, precautionary measures were taken and the fire did not spread to wreak havoc.

Foil Wrapped Homes To Fight Wildfire

Among all the fabrics tested, blankets made of fiberglass or amorphous silica fabrics laminated with heat-reflecting aluminum foil made the most impressive impact. In the initial stages, this material seemed strong enough to the withheld fire for 10 minutes in isolated buildings. Needless to say, further technological advancements are required – and are being carried. Noting this, Takashi said before signing off:

The fire blanket protection will be significant to those living and fighting fires at the wildland-urban interface and presents entrepreneurs and investors with business opportunities.

New Jersey Forest Fire Service

We definitely think it is a positive outcome of prolonged research and demonstration that has the capability of saving thousands.