Living Spaces In Oceans? Say Welcome To ‘Ocean Community’

June 25, 2024 Architecture priyanka Shah

With the ensuing of global warming on a huge scale and the sea levels rising significantly, our future on this beautiful planet seems bleak. The incessant forest fires clubbed with hurricanes and earthquakes make us often wonder where exactly could we build a home for a secured existence. Well, we don’t know how secure it is from natural calamities but we bring to you the concept of a floating existence through Ocean Community.

Living Spaces In Oceans?

Backed with the idea of making the oceans and seas our homes, Ocean Community seeks to create domestic naval units; thereby, transforming the water bodies into mobile habitable spaces. The best part of it all is that despite being mobile naval units atop oceans, the Ocean Community will be connected to the land structures of the nearby coastal town, and be integrated into one solid community. The sailing and floating modules will be located about half a kilometer into the ocean from the mainland so that traveling to and from places of importance won’t be much of a deal.

Best Living Spaces In Oceans

How about the infrastructure of these floating naval units, you say? Well, these mobile naval units will bear absolute resemblance to a fully functional living space that we are accustomed to seeing and living in. In fact, these innovative and futuristic floating spaces have been designed in such a way that they have on offer every minute facility that we are accustomed to having on land.

If you are someone who needs extra floating modules for storage and other purposes, you may get individual modules as well. Created in stationary centers, these extra modules can be released on the sea and attached to the existing units extremely easily.

How To Survive In Ocean?

Thinking about why you may want to invest in these water modules? Well, another solid reason for investing in it is that it is free of the usage of any unsustainable energy. Its brilliant ability to harness sustainable energies from sources such as wind, water and sun is yet another reason for transforming the ocean into our homes.

Apart from making them your home, if you are into the hospitality business, you may also adopt this unique idea and use Ocean Community as a part of your hotel or any other touristic site.