March 29, 2022 Monika Thakur

Design studio Nomadic Resorts has come up with the six ‘bioclimatic’ bamboo treehouses at Playa Viva, an eco-resort near Zihuatanejo. Designed by Atelier Nomadic, these new cozy abodes at the resort are inspired by the Mobula rays’ ‘flattened, prismatic bodies.’ And, another highlight of each treehouse is its colorful angled…

Colo Crossings Shipping Container House by Benn and Penna Architects
March 10, 2022 Monika Thakur

Precisely constructed atop a peaked site, Colo Crossings by Benn and Penna Architects is a stunning shipping container house that settles effortlessly into the landscape. The architects have beautifully created a balance between the natural environment and the living space with this practical abode. Situated in Colo River, around 100km…

SOFA - World’s First Design Online Community on NFT Blockchain
February 25, 2022 Monika Thakur

Thanks to SOFA (state of address), the way design and architecture are created, collected, and owned is changing quickly. It is the world’s first design online community that’s now on the NFT (non-fungible tokens) blockchain. With the help of NFTs, this Melbourne-founded platform shifts its projects to the digital space….

Rammed Earth Tiny House in Slovenia
February 24, 2022 Monika Thakur

We have seen many building designs combining ancient building techniques with sustainable energy technology. Keeping up with this ongoing trend, the Rammed Earth House in Slovenia boasts a unique style farmhouses. It showcases a simple way to merge traditional rammed earth building methods along with modern solar energy production. This…

3D Printing in Construction Industry - Benefits & Challenges
February 24, 2022 Monika Thakur

Over the past decade, 3D printing has become a major buzz in the construction industry. Although initially developed for prototyping purposes, the 3D printing technology can emerge to a point where it may become a key player in various industries. Clearly, 3D printing technology is highly beneficial in aerospace, medical,…

Energy-Efficient Bamboo Cooling System is Alternative to Modern ACs
February 17, 2022 Monika Thakur

French multidisciplinary company AREP has created an energy-efficient bamboo cooling system called the adiabatic urban cooling system. This low-tech, energy-efficient cooling device is a sustainable alternative to modern AC solutions. Meanwhile, it offers an affordable way to keep the indoor air cool in summer. (more…)