What’s The Ideal Height And Design For A Shower Niche?

December 9, 2019 Architecture

Do you have a small bathroom, and wish to keep your toiletries safely and uncluttered? Or, do you just want your bathroom to be super organized despite it not being too big? To be honest, we are all guilty of storing literally our entire locker of toiletries in our bathroom itself. As a result, they often get cluttered and messy. No one wants these mess, especially in the bathroom, which is supposed to be one of the cleanest areas of a home. This is exactly where an inbuilt shower niche comes in of great aid.

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Design For A Shower Niche

Height And Design For A Shower Niche

What are shower niches?

Shower niches are basically compartments or inbuilt shelves that are specifically made for storing your shampoos, lotions, conditioners, soaps, etc. right inside your shower area. This not only eliminates the requirement of separate standalone racks but also keeps all your shower essentials within a hand’s reach.

What are shower niches?

Best shower niches

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What should be the ideal height of a shower niche?

If you do not have any tub and take a bath under a shower, the perfect height of having a niche would be at chest-level. This is because while taking a shower, you would definitely not want to bend down repeatedly to get hold of an item or the other. Alternatively, having it too high up would mean you would have to raise your feet or even jump a bit to get hold of items, which is definitely not something you might want considering the slippery floor. Hence, the ideal height of the shower niche should be around 48 to 60 inches from the floor for the best efficiency.

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Best ideal height of a shower

On the contrary, a bathtub niche needs to definitely be lower than that of a shower niche. In this case, you need to build the shower niche right across the middle of the tub, at a distance of few inches. It should be in a position where you can easily access while taking a cozy bath.

What must be the design of the shower niche?

If you flip through any lifestyle magazine or website, you would come across a plethora of shower niche designs. However, select one that fulfills your needs and the capacity of the bathroom. For example, if you are someone who loves to keep just a couple of bottles and tubs as toiletries, a medium-sized, single shelved shower niche might be the perfect one.

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Best design of the shower niche

However, if you are someone who loves to use different body soaps for different moods, various shampoos, and conditioners, and even an essential oil vaporizer, a bigger niche, preferably with more shelves may be the best choice. Also, take into consideration the size of your bathroom. For example, if you have a smaller bathroom, the best thing would be to have a smaller niche with at most two shelves. Furthermore, if you are into different patterns, instead of embedding a regular rectangular or square niche, you can experiment with different patterns and designs, and also with various colors of wall tiles. And in no time, you can have your own and unique li’l shower niche!

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