Shapes & Material Compositions For Modern Bathrooms

February 23, 2022 Bathroom Monika Thakur

.Modern cities are becoming denser day by day. Even the pandemic has given a new shape to our living and working patterns. In the wake of all this, people are becoming more aware of the space they live in. After all, their living space plays a major role in influencing their physical and mental health. As a result, the home interiors are becoming more focused on promoting sensitivity, calmness, and comfort. Hence, you get a perfect way to escape the hectic work routine. Being a safe area where we all practically start and finish, the modern bathrooms adapt as per the existing lifestyle.

After all, a bathroom plays a major role in relaxation and rejuvenation due to the environment dedicated to complete self-care. So, what was actually considered a completely functional zone is now seen as a personal retreat. It also helps you to attain an energetic and flexible living space. Moreover, you can anytime turn this area into a private spa or wellness retreat.

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However, to blend aesthetics with functionality, you need to choose the right shapes and material composition. This helps in achieving a delightful yet dynamic atmosphere. No matter you choose a specific texture, color, or other unique properties, the various materials are likely to make any architecture come alive. With the power to capture or reflect light, you can make use of an individual’s perception for styling up a room. This helps in evoking a unique connection with urban, natural, or futuristic spaces.

Shapes & Material Compositions For Modern Bathrooms

So, when it comes to modern bathrooms, you need to select certain classic and timeless pieces to enhance the aesthetics of a given space. Keeping all this in mind, Dornbracht along with Sieger Design has released its CYO bathroom fitting series with a variety of finishes that enable multiple design possibilities.

Interplay for different materials in around four architectural concepts

For testing versatility, the bathroom series further displays the four major architectural ways. These must be expressive of the materials that one can feel, experience, and see like no other. The interplay of four architectural concepts has explored the concept of a personal retreat and creating functional modern bathrooms. Therefore, the architects and designers showcase each scenario boasting shower accessories and faucets. Plus, these fixtures come in distinct finishes along with distinct materials.

Here are the four architectural concepts to give a new face to modern bathrooms:

Mystical but modern bathrooms

Shapes & Material Compositions For Modern Bathrooms

Dornbracht has come up with two amazing architectural concepts for the CYO bathroom inspirations. Firstly, as the name indicates, the Mystical concept boasts a primal and mysterious ambiance. To achieve such aesthetics, your bathroom needs to stand out due to the unique material choices, such as fine leather, dark lava stone, and matte metals.

All this helps in creating a mystical combination of warm tones blended with rugged, cool nature. Most of the room may be covered in black basalt surfaces, evoking a volcanic landscape. This scene is created with the use of black steel, dark textured surfaces, and satin-finished glass. All this makes a perfect contemporary atmosphere that comes to life with the use of the right material choices. Therefore, it is essential to prioritize the selection of the right materials to achieve the desired blend of aesthetics and functional pieces.

Delight: Plays with light and color

Shapes & Material Compositions For Modern Bathrooms

On contrary to the dark theme stated above, the Delight is a bathroom style that makes light the major protagonist in the interior. Hence, the focus is on materials you choose and install innovatively. Influenced by a minimal design concept, the companies have created a unique space that boasts steel and exposed concrete elements. These are further softened with pastel tones, round shapes, and translucent curtain fabric that further adds a layer of lightness and coziness to the interiors.

Furthermore, to highlight the entire character of the bathroom, consider adding powder-coated aluminum with mirror effect and colored acrylic glass. This further creates a multi-dimensional, graphic atmosphere within the given space. With the addition of high-gloss chrome finishes, the light reflects more while the round accents and colors are intensified more effectively.

Metropolitan: Modern bathrooms retreat in the big city

Shapes & Material Compositions For Modern Bathrooms

In the Metropolitan bathroom, the concept is about creating a balance. While blending the lively and fun flair of major cities, the modern bathrooms serve as an energizing retreat from the chaotic outside world. Due to its spacious proportions, the concept of the room embodies roughness and luxury through monolithic and sleek surfaces.

The walls and flooring are made using marble and concrete. And, these materials are further complemented with the interior textiles in beige and cream shades. For matching the design, the CYO bathroom fixtures – from the hand shower set to the basin – are finished in Brushed Durabrass. All this makes different elements of modern bathrooms stand out in contrast to the greenish stone elements.

Oasis: Bring nature into modern bathrooms

Shapes & Material Compositions For Modern Bathrooms

Finally, the Oasis modern bathrooms concept is mainly about nature. This concept plays with materials to dissolve the boundaries by bringing the outdoor nature into a flexible, open space. Therefore, the interior uses artificial and raw materials, such as concrete, black marble, pebbles, green fabric, green recycled glass, and black Corian.

Complementing the appearance, the Dark Platinum matte bathroom fittings extend for warming and grounding atmosphere of various materials. In such a way, the room is highlighted with soft, warm, and natural tones. All this looks even more stunning with the presence of plants and river stones. With all these materials and elements, the oasis bathroom concept screams a loud connection with nature and its true essence.

Significance of versatile fittings in modern bathrooms

Shapes & Material Compositions For Modern Bathrooms

All the major four design concepts unify the elements in a new CYO faucet series. This further demonstrates an adaptable and timeless appeal within the interior due to diverse styles and materials. Marrying a classic touch with futuristic spin, the faucet is an interpretation of a C-shaped archetypal spout. Well-defined by a basic circle with round handles, the shape traces water flow in a functional yet unique and bold manner. The faucet series comes in four finishes. And, includes bi-structural versions and an extensive range of bi-structural versions. It also includes a wide range of handle variations with broadened design options.

Shapes & Material Compositions For Modern Bathrooms

Ultimately, all these timeless pieces are likely to adapt to changing situations that prevail in design and architecture. Nonetheless, modern bathrooms transform into a personal retreat while constantly evolving with the changing trends. The demand even points towards the stylish and high-quality versatile fittings that further enable creativity and freedom.

For more information on the different design possibilities of these modern bathroom fittings, visit the official website.

Shapes & Material Compositions For Modern Bathrooms