Playa Viva’s Bamboo Treehouses Boast Colorful Angled Roofs

March 29, 2022 Architecture Monika Thakur

Design studio Nomadic Resorts has come up with the six ‘bioclimatic’ bamboo treehouses at Playa Viva, an eco-resort near Zihuatanejo. Designed by Atelier Nomadic, these new cozy abodes at the resort are inspired by the Mobula rays’ ‘flattened, prismatic bodies.’ And, another highlight of each treehouse is its colorful angled roof. Each treehouse is also attached to a bunch of transplanted coconut palms that are brought to pre-determined locations with the help of the site’s permaculture manager.


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Now, these naturally ventilated treehouses enable the resort owners to easily accommodate up to 12 extra guests without impacting the environment in a major way. One of the treehouses boasts a master bedroom and a hammock facing the sea. On the other hand, the annex treehouse at the rear includes a second lounge/bedroom upstairs with daybeds and a desk. However, its bathroom is downstairs.

Treehouses Made of Renewable Building Material

Bamboo is one of the popularly growing renewable building materials across the world. If we talk about these six treehouses at the resort, they consist of Tough Guadua bamboo for constructing the main structure, facade louvers, roof, and ceiling of the treehouses. Plus, the facade panels in the annex building are of Phyllostachis Aurea bamboo. And, the flooring is cumaru timber.


The architecturally stunning treehouses boast “hyperbolic paraboloid” rooftops. These roofs attach firmly to the tree trunks. The makers fixed them before affixing the prefabricated panels. These are the creation of the “enigmatic bamboo maestro” Jorg Stamm, as well as his team of craftsmen. According to Nomadic Resorts, the final product has been espoused by various traditional hospitality groups.

These Bamboo Treehouses Connect Guests With Nature

According to the company, the guests can connect with nature at these eco-friendly treehouses. They can enjoy the sound of the waves crashing on the shore and feel the breeze running through the palm leaves while lounging on a hammock. At the beach, they can even enjoy staring at the stars. And, the experience is just wonderful.


Nomadic Resorts has expertise in the formation of tented pods, eco-resorts, and treehouses. Their interdisciplinary design team often works from their offices in Mauritius and the Netherlands. They follow a holistic approach while their projects boast a sense of exquisiteness. This is ideal for the natural surroundings.

Resort’s Eco-Friendly Efforts

The price range of the stays at Playa Viva starts at around US $300 per night. According to Olav Bruin, Atelier Nomadic’s creative director, the design of these eco-friendly bamboo treehouses gives inhabitants a unique opportunity to enjoy a sustainable stay without sacrificing the environmental ethos. So, if you are eco-conscious and want to do your bit for the environment while holidaying, you can consider booking these resorts for your stay.


This resort is also a founding member of the Regenerative Travel organization and constantly supports the La Tortuga Viva turtle sanctuary. Even ten percent of the food grows on-site, as of now. This shows Playa Viva’s initiatives to follow earth-friendly techniques. Meanwhile, their support for the environment is to revive the struggling, decimated watershed. They also aim to provide new hope and means of living to the regional people.

Atelier-Nomadic-Resorts-Bamboo-Treehouses-pepuphome Atelier-Nomadic-Resorts-Bamboo-Treehouses-pepuphome Atelier-Nomadic-Resorts-Bamboo-Treehouses-pepuphome Atelier-Nomadic-Resorts-Bamboo-Treehouses-pepuphome

Via: MyModernMet | Images: AVABLU/ Kevin Steele