Bored Of That Old Door? Repurpose It To Transform Into A Swanky New Table

December 4, 2019 DIY priyanka Shah

One of the most commonly heard phrases since childhood has to be “old is gold”. Although we did not really understand this phrase much as a child, as we grow up, its meaning is slowly unfolding. From old handiwork, architecture to even furniture, archaic stuff is always priceless, if you know its real worth. While you cannot always use old products as they are, with a little bit of tweaking and DIY, you can use your old furniture, books, cutlery in so many ways. In this article, we shall show you ways to turn an old, abandoned door into a swanky new table. It might be a coffee table or a dining table, but the end result is wonderful. Take a look if you are thinking of DIY’ing a door, and find wonderful options for your next DIY:

1. DIY Hairpin legs coffee table

Let’s start with our favorite one –  a rugged coffee table with hairpin legs. The washed wooden texture is in, so is the concept of a wooden tabletop resting on metal legs. In this DIY, we will incorporate both these. All you need for the same is a door and four metal hairpin table legs. Simply attach the legs to one side of the table, and you’re done. Please make sure to remove any knob. Thereafter, you can either paint it or sand rub it for a washed wooden texture.

DIY Hairpin legs coffee table

2. Turn it into a wooden coffee table

If you are looking for a unique coffee table but are not finding any, this might serve you the purpose. For this, you would need a regular sized door. Cut about 32 inches from its bottom, which in turn should be cut into two parts. Tape off the parts, where the doorknobs would be. Now, use cabinet scrapers to highly distress your door. Thereafter, take the two 16-inch portions, and attach them to either side of the table from below just like two legs of a coffee table. Paint it in your favorite colors, and voila! Your unique coffee table is ready.

Turn it into a wooden coffee table

3. Coffee table with industrial wheels

Although we never thought of repurposing an old door before, it must be said that doors make for one of the most versatile DIY objects ever. Since they are made of solid wood, a door can be refurbished into numerous things let alone different types of tables. If you are someone who loves to change the position of furniture often, the industrial wheeled DIY coffee table is perfect for you. For this, apart from an old door, you would need a slab of engineered wood and industrial wheels. Polish the door as per your choice, and attach the engineered wooden slab below its surface, so that it can serve as a shelf. Screw-in the industrial wheels at the four corners of the shelf, and ta-da!! Your very own Swanky New Table is ready. It’s smart, it is unique and its drool-worthy.

Coffee table with industrial wheels

If you try any of these ideas, do let us know!