Maintain Your Garden Through The Harsh Winter With These Simple Tips

December 4, 2019 DIY priyanka Shah

Winter is coming. While there is literally nothing to worry about the dead walking zombies, we really have to worry about safeguarding our home and our gardens from the wrath of snowstorms, hailstorms, and rain. Special care has to be imparted to your gardens and backyards for those are the open spaces directly coming in contact with snow, hails, rain, storms, etc. As a result of this, often we find our favorite trees and flowering plants die a cold death. We definitely don’t want that. If you are on the same page as us, read on this article to know certain important tips to maintain your garden/backyard and Home during winters. Take a look –

1. Clean and clear your plants

The first thing you would want to do is to prepare your plants for the winter. By preparing, we mean you should cut off the dead stems and clear the dead foliage. This step will prevent the entire plant from being rotten. Clearing the plants will also stop the insects from multiplying.

Maintain Your Garden

2. Bring certain plants inside

Certain plants, like green tomatoes, cannot survive biting cold. As a result, often you find luscious tomato plants dying in a day. You definitely don’t want that, right? If you have green tomatoes or other similar plants in your garden, the trick is to bring them inside. They will be able to thrive much better inside than outside in the biting American chill.

Bring certain plants inside

3. Clean up the entire garden

After the autumnal shedding, you should clean up the entire garden. Removing withered leaves from the garden will ensure there are no clogged pipes and drains. If there is a need for any repair in your garden or backyard, don’t delay it. Also, if you want, you may give your evergreen trees a good trim now!

Clean up the entire garden

4. Try and mulch the entire space

A splendid way to let your garden thrive happily through the winter is mulching the entire area. Covering the soil ensures it due to protection from the repeated frosts and excessive cold. One of the best ways to create a natural mulch is by covering the garden with the withered leaves that you collected in the previous step. This will keep the garden at a consistent temperature and prevent the soil from getting ruined.

You can do so by collecting fallen leaves and leaving them to rot, as leaf mold also discourages weeds. Thereafter, spread a layer of mulch over the soil around your plants, bushes, and shrubs. This trick will also work for areas experiencing heavy storms alongside snow and rain.

Try and mulch the entire space

5. Don’t fertilize your roses

If you have roses, it is always good to not fertilize them post summers. Also, do not prune or cut blossoms for this will stimulate growth resulting in the plant’s death at first frost. If you live in excessive colder regions, you can use a burlap shelter as an added protection alongside the mulch that we spoke about in the last point. All these will ensure your roses stay happy all through the winter.