Prepare Your Home For Winters With These Easy Fall Maintenance Tasks

November 21, 2019 Home Appliances priyanka Shah

The fall is here while the winter is fast approaching. There is very time to prepare our homes for the winter. No; we ain’t not talking about the Christmas decoration or beautiful fall wreath – though we wish we were. While the decorations are an integral part of these two seasons, we are talking about the hardcore real stuff, like maintaining our houses to help it counter the winter. In this article, we shall share a few important maintenance tasks that will Prepare Your Home For Winters to the biting winters from the warm summers.

1. Clean and clear the gutter

Often while house maintenance, we forget about the gutter and the drainage system, which is an integral part of our house. Before the winter arrives, you would want to clear it, and even replace the same if need be. After all, if they get clogged during the winters, you might end up having flooded interiors, which no one wants during winters at least.

Prepare Your Home For Winters

2. Turn off and disconnect your garden hoses

The next step is to check and make sure all the garden and outdoor faucets are turned off. Also, make sure to turn off and drain all the outdoor hoses from spigots so that the water does not freeze inside these pipes. Freezing water inside pipes may result in them bursting, which none of us really wants.

How to Prepare Your Home For Winters?

3. Fix and fill the gaps in your driveway

Now, this may seem absolutely unnecessary and tedious chore. However, trust us when we term it as one of the main maintenance chores. If you ignore a tiny gap in your driveway, water can seep into the same during the winter, freeze and eventually make that small gap bigger. And if it gets way too bigger, your entire concrete set-up might crumble, resulting in the creation of a giant pothole. We are pretty sure you can do without the pothole, right? So, take care of it now before it gets too late and costly.

Ideas to Prepare Your Home For Winters

4. Fertilize your lawn

Wondering why we are talking about lawns and gardens here for winter maintenance? Well, it is often said that prevention is better than cure. Likewise, take care of your lawn from today if you want to maintain it well tomorrow. While the grass might not grow during winters, the roots are always active. So, make sure to apply fertilizers that will prevent further winter damage. Doing this will ensure the grass to grow fast and smoothly right after the winters, making your spring and summer look bright and verdant.

Tips to Prepare Your Home For Winters

5. Check your heaters

It goes without saying that heaters are by far the most important and utilized household item during winters. So, before the fall and winter arrive, you would want to ensure that your heaters are running smoothly. If you use wood hearth, you might want to check the chimney for any maintenance that it may need. Furthermore, check if your carbon monoxide detector has proper batteries in place or rather change them before it gets too late.