Pelle’s Aluminium DNV Table Might Just Turn You Into A Minimalist

November 29, 2019 Accessories priyanka Shah

With the new wave of minimalism hitting the world, most of us swear by simple yet elegant designs when it comes to fashion and home decor. However, when it comes to furniture, there do not seem many minimalist options. More often than not, the stores are filled with the same old tables, chairs, sofas and the likes.

Pelle's Aluminium DNV Table

If you thought alike, then let us take this moment to talk about the newest minimalist table in town. It is the Pelle’s aluminum DNV table that is held together by friction! Although the product is a culmination of a series of experiments into unique manufacturing and hand craftsmanship, we must say we are smitten by the end result. Manufactured by Oliver and Jean Pelle, the entire table has been made out of aluminum, the hands, and the body of which have been joined using a tongue and groove connection.

Best Pelle's Aluminium DNV Table

Talking about this wondrous creation, the designer duo said told Deezen,

We were interested in developing a language for the DVN Table that creates a sense of wonder and surprise in what otherwise is a simple form….Rather than celebrating connections of material to stay true to a specific constructive logic common to them, we liked the idea of suppressing connections and detailing while using a single monolithic material.

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The courtesy for the basic idea behind the technology of this creation goes to the Japanese Joinery. This imparts a crystal clean and even surface to this metal table. Custom-milled portions were created to intricately carve the metal in order to interlock and form the hidden, friction-based connections. Talking about their creations one last time, the designer duo said before signing off,

We felt it should be possible to do something that sounds relatively basic. Doing it in metal, not wood, added a level of excitement about the challenge as we would not be able to go back into the piece to sand it out to fit.

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