Gozney Dome Oven Can Change Your Outdoor Cooking Experience

March 2, 2022 Kitchen Monika Thakur

Want to upgrade your outdoor cooking experience to another level? To meet this need of yours, Gozney a multipurpose Dome Oven that not makes pizza but also bakes, roasts, grills, and steams the food. Gozney Dome Oven comes integrated with a wood-fire section. This cooking appliance is perfectly engineered for simple food preparation without any hassle. So, you don’t have to be a professional chef to prepare pizza or any other dish you like.

About Gozney Dome Oven

Powered by wood + gas or wood, this professional-grade dome oven is incredibly versatile. Meanwhile, its flaming is perfectly made for smooth functioning. The Dome is also well-engineered to effortlessly operate both experienced and beginners alike. It comes with a full range of capabilities, such as smoking, roasting, steaming, and baking. And, that too at the temperature that ranges up to 500°C just by turning a dial.

Gozney Dome Oven Can Change Your Outdoor Cooking Experience

With its extending temperature range, the Gozney Dome offers you the ability to prepare restaurant-worthy delicious Neapolitan pizza within only 60 seconds. It even comes with unique features, such as a rolling flame that offers top-down cooking with proper heating into the oven floor. It also includes a double-layer stone floor that offers more insulation to its size than any other outdoor dome oven.

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This stone puck system also gives users a unique ability to easily switch between wood burner and gas system. Meanwhile, the system includes a built-in thermometer that offers precise temperature readings. It even comes with some extra-wide mouth and oven floor that is perfect for 16-inch pizzas, as well as two smaller pizzas.

Other features include:

1. Digital thermometer: It depends on precise temperature readings throughout, including two integrated meat probes. So, you know that your steak is ready to eat.

2. Patented air ventilation: The dome oven includes regulated airflow within the wood fire for controlling the heat output from beginning to end.

Gozney Dome Oven Can Change Your Outdoor Cooking Experience

3. Unbeatable heat retention: Its 30mm stone floor, as well as the dense cavity insulation can easily reach higher temperatures. Moreover, the oven heats faster while retaining the heat for a longer time.

4. Integrated steam injector: The oven is perfect to create ideal moisture while baking bread. This means that the longer the dough heats, the crispier is its crust.

5. Quick-connect port attachment: From an automated pellet burner to a cold smoking attachment, you can easily insert a range of pioneering accessories within its patented dock.

Recognition & Price

Due to its live-fire cooking design, this dome oven also bagged the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, as well as a Special Mention in TIME’s Best Inventions of 2021. Use it outdoors throughout the year thanks to the ceramic bonded outer coating that’s water-resistant, extra-durable, and UV-stable.

Gozney Dome Oven Can Change Your Outdoor Cooking Experience

The Gozney Dome Oven even has external dimensions of around 600mm x 630mm x 732mm. The internal dimensions are around 190mm x 470mm x 550mm. Moreover, the oven weighs approximately 58kg without any packaging.
Available in olive or bone hues, you can officially buy the Wood-only version for $1,999 and the Wood & Gas (Dual Fuel) for $2,499. Head to official website for purchase.

Gozney Dome Oven Can Change Your Outdoor Cooking Experience

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